Stop ScrollBar Covering the Content – Internet Explorer CSS

Filed in : CSS On : 18-May-2015

While designing one of my wordpress theme (not released yet), I have realized that Internet Explorer is playing something annoying. It’s vertical scrollbar is overlaying the content and I don’t want that.

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Optimize jQuery to Improve WordPress Speed Performance

Filed in : jQuery,wordpress On : 04-Mar-2015

As a wordpress theme developer I understand the importance of website speed. It not just increase your chance to be liked by google or other search engine but creates credibility among your users.

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Check Scripts and Styles Being Used on WordPress Posts Pages

Filed in : plugin On : 03-Feb-2015

Today, I have uploaded a plugin called “What Scripts Styles Debug Bar” to wordpress plugin directory. It’s a tiny plugin to help all the WordPress Developers. When you have no clue about the scripts running on any page or post, this plugin can be handy.   Download: Scripts Styles Debug BarĀ (WordPress Repo)   It will […]

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Which WordPress Theme Should I Use And Why – Wondering

Filed in : Theme On : 22-Dec-2014

Get any theme and use it ! No matter whether it’s good or bad. Good or Bad !! What do you mean by that? This question can be asked in many ways. I want a good design. I want a good functionality. I want fully responsive theme (wait a minute if you don’t know what […]

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WooCommerce Remove a Category from SHOP Page

Filed in : WooCommerce On : 09-May-2014

Don’t want to show a particular category on WooCommerce. Removing a category from WooCommerce Shop page is easy and requires this little code snippet. Edit WooCommerce if you are sure what you are doing.

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What To Do With Old Xbox 360 or Playstation 2

Filed in : Playstation,Xbox On : 16-Jan-2014

What the hell should I do with old gaming console? There are few nice uses of old Xbox or Playstation.

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Dlink Router 3G Configuration for MTNL BSNL Airtel

Filed in : Broadband,Configure
On : 15-Jan-2014

Configuration settings of Dlink router / modem for mtnl bsnl airtel or any other mobile network.

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Connect 3G Phone Data (Internet) on Laptop like Wifi

Filed in : internet,mobile On : 09-Jan-2014

It’s easy to use 3G/4G on Laptop with a mobile Phone. This how to use mobile internet on computer will guide you about how to make wifi hotspot of your mobile and use data on laptop.

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A Screen Capture Software with Free Paid-Features

Filed in : Software On : 07-Jan-2014

Take Screenshots Free Software with advanced features. Offering more than any paid software. New Screen capture open source tool with many cool features.

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Expand Android Notification Text to Full Length

Filed in : Android On : 06-Jan-2014

Expand Android teaser (small) notification into full length and review the full message there only. With Android 4.2 this has become possible. How to expand notification to the full text length.

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