A Screen Capture Software with Free Paid-Features

We all take print screens (PrtSc Button at the top of your keyboard [Windows]) and have always dreamed of a kind of software which can edit my print-screen instantly.


GetShareX is an awesome utility in this respect. It’s just under 2 MB but loaded with awesome advanced features. It will change the way you think of screen-shots or print-screen so far.


It allows you to take screenshots in various ways like Fullscreen, Select the software window (Very handy while making presentation), Rectangle, Traingle, Circle, Free-Hand, Polygon, Hand-free.

It has a very interesting feature called Auto-Capture. It says that, you select the region and feed the time and it will take screenshots after every time-slice. I can’t say where will it be useful, but sometimes such things helps.

It will Upload your files automatically. You just select the service and it will automatically upload the file and copy the link within your clipboard. You can paste that link wherever you like.



Here are some interesting improvements too. You can automatically send the link  within e-mail or post it to social network like facebook. There is a URL shortener service too. Again I am not sure, how they will be useful but geeks find their usages.

There are lot of file uploading services around and you can choose the one you like. Some of their interesting features includes image-annotator, image effects and watermarks on all of your images.

GetShareX is highly customizable and comes with hotkeys settings. You can customize the hotkey. Like you like to fix a region and whenever you hit your defined key combination it will take the screenshot and upload it to a free image hosting service and email the URL to someone. Everything automatically. So, many triggers with just one key combination. Best of all is you can customize it they way you like.