Advanced Free Photo Editing Tool Online Better Than Photoshop So Far

Whether it is Mac, Windows or any other OS. Photo Editing is a big hassle, specially when you are used to a particular software. Normally, We need to enhance our clicked photographs for better viewing and effects. Customizing such effects on software like photoshop requires lot of expertise. It’s not a good idea to learn photoshop for everyone, although there is no harm in learning but who has time to learn everything? That’s where custom build effects comes into play.

After trying so many photo editing tools online like Pixlr, iPiccy, photor etc. I tried one more awesome online photo editing which is better than photoshop in some senses is google+.

You must be wondering that google+ is a social network by google. You, are right. But, google+ is an awesome photo editing tool too with lot of custom build enhancements.


Why Google+ Photo Editing Tool?

Well, there are various obvious reasons?

  • First of all, it’s Free Photo Editing tool and from google, so a better service is guaranteed.
  • Fully featured photo editing tool with functionalities like croping, auto enhancement, custom enhancement, blur, sharpness, rotate, correction etc.
  • Storage space for to save your image.
  • Revert to previous version / original image.
  • Compare Enhancements with the original image.

Advanced Free Google+ Photo Editing : How To

  • Login to with your gmail account.
  • Upload a photo and save it.
  • Once the photo is uploaded click on Album and open that uploaded photograph and then click edit (on the top of the image).
  • This will introduce lot of editing options on the right side.
  • Click on Customize Button near Auto Enhancement and customize settings.image

Save those settings and now you are ready to move on other advanced custom built tools like Tune-Image, Selective Adjust etc.

These are the basic and advanced adjustment tools available with google+advanced photo editing tool.


Google+ editing tools for photographs is better than photoshop in some respects. No pre photo editing learning curve is required to use such easy tools. You will get almost all the creative tools under one roof, some of them are better than instagram too. If you have never tried google+ as a social network then it’s the time to give it a try. You will realize that google+ is a real competition to other social networks in many respects.