Apple iOS Style Desktop Launcher for Windows 7 and 8

Using old fashioned windows style and not getting bored of it, you are not a curious person then. Developers are designing nice and useful softwares to fill colors in our lives and on our desktop too. This time winlaunch has done a wonderful job by creating beautiful Apple iOS style software launcher for windows (I works on all in-fashioned windows versions i.e. win 7 and 8).

If you have got a chance to use windows 8 which is much like a tablet winlaunch has taken it to the next level. They not just has introduced a beautiful design to carry apps but on the other hand they have integrated some nice features. Like grouping similar apps.

Yes you can put similar apps shortcuts in a folder but have you done it before ? It looks boring but not with winlaunch.

You will get the feel of tablet and Apple’s iOS.


How to use Winlaunch?

First you need to download it. Since it’s an open source and the safest place to download open source softwares is SourceForge. Download WinLaunch from SourceForge.

Once you have downloaded it, extract it in a folder and place that folder anywhere you like. Double click WinLaunch Starter.exe and it’ll execute the winlaunch.

This is not a very nice way to launch the launcher.

What will we do is, we can pin it in windows taskbar for quick access. Most of you must be aware about how to place some shortcut into taskbar, but for those who are new to windows new OS just drag the WinLaunch Starter.exe and it will place a shortcut there. Now you can easily execute it.

What can I Add into WinLaunch?

You can add almost anything to this nice peace of software. You can add folders, files, any kind of document and the interesting part is you can add website shortcut too. So, if nest time you are thinking to launch facebook then directly click facebook shortcut and it will be opened saving you many clicks.


How to Configure WinLaunch?

It’s quite easy though. Just press “F” and and start Drag-Drop your software, documents, shortcuts etc. Once you start using it, you will learn it in no time. That’s the beauty of a well engineered product.

How to Maximize Winlaunch on Full Screen?

Shift+Tab is the default full screen key combination.

Esc is the key to exit it.

What about wallpaper?

WinLaunch will use your already set background as it’s background. So, don’t worry about your awesome wallpaper, winlaunch will beautify it more.

Is WinLaunch Free?

Yes, It’s 100% free and it’s available for Windows 7, 8, Vista for both 32bit and 64bit machines. Still hesitating whether it’s better than other traditional windows start menu launcher, give it a try. You won’t get disappointed.