Dlink Router 3G Configuration for MTNL BSNL Airtel


In one of my previous post I have dealt generic 3G configuration of D’link Modem/Router (2750U) for any SIM. But lot of people are mailing me to write specific SIM configuration. That’s is why this little repetitive post is being written.

I will not deal with all the basic configuration here, for that look at d’link 3G configuration post.

Assuming that you have read the suggested post and ready to tweak it for your SIM. If you will notice that there are just few things which differs from sim to sim. In previous post’s step 7 you need to make sim specific changes.

For MTNL Users:

Account : mtnl

Password: mtnl123

Dial_Number: *99# (MTNL says that you can leave it blank too)

Net-Type: TD-SCDMA

APN: mtnl.net (Both for Delhi/Mumbai)

For BSNL Users:

Account: bsnl

Password: [blank]

Dial Number: *99# or *99***1#

Net-Type: TD-SCDMA

APN: bsnlnet

NOTE: This BSNL APN is valid for these states: Haryana, Punjab, UP(East), UP(West), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Bihar, Kolkata, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, North East, Adman Nicobar, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Karnatka, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala.

For Airtel Users:

Operator : airtel

Password: [blank]

Dial Number: *99***1#

Net-Type: TD-SCDMA

APN: airtelgprs.com

NOTE: If you feel that these settings are not working then make a call to airtel call center and ask them APN for 3G. Rest of the settings will remain same, although you can cross-check them too.

The point here is to note is that almost all major mobile carriers are now using a common APN for all the states. So, if you have free data roaming then you don’t need to change settings from state to state. If network provider is providing 3G in a state then these settings can be considered as default settings.

Get High Speed Internet from MTNL at Lesser Price

MTNL hai toh sahi hai. It’s MTNL tag line. I am not a very big fan of MTNL but I appreciate their work when they something good for country. Being a govt company, they overlook service matters. If you own a landline connection from MTNL then I am sure that you must have suffered with long (many days) downtime. You complaint and they overlook the matter. They do work whenever they get time. That’s why they are going out of business.

Suggested Reading: How to use MTNL 3G with wifi.


You must be wondering why am I writing this article then and suggesting you to use MTNL internet connection. Well, as far as internet is concerned we mostly rely on wired connection and often don’t look at other alternatives available to us. This post is about that alternative.

MTNL offers 3G service named as MTNL 3G jadoo. If you are living in Delhi or Mumbai then you must be aware of it. They offer some nice plans. One is for 6 months and other is for a year. I must say that the price is really competitive and somewhat awesome.

In Delhi 6 months plan is for just 4500/= for 200GB. (For Mumbai it’s 100GB)

and for a year you are supposed to pay Rs. 5000/= for 100GB

If you are a heavy down-loader then use 6 months plan and others can use yearly plan.

MTNL 3G yearly plans

More Details: MTNL 3G Tariff Plans

Comparison : 3G with other MTNL Plans

For MTNL landline if you choose to get their minimum unlimited plan which is for Rs 599/= plus modem charges Rs. 75/= plus if you made some additional phone calls. Bill rotates somewhere around Rs. 770/= per months. On the other side, if you choose their 3G plan  4500/= for 6 months your effective bill will be Rs. 750/= months. I know that’s there is not much of a difference. That’s my point. Price is same if you choose Landline or wireless 3G. The main difference is speed.

Speed Comparison

For landline connection you will get 512Kbps but for 3G you will get awesome 2.1 Mbps. Sometimes it crosses that speed too. So, you will get 4 times better speed than landline for same price.

Someone can say that it’s not Unlimited! I agree, there is a cap, but 200GB for 180 days is not a bad deal. More than a GB data everyday. Think about it.

Service Comparison

I know I am comparing MTNL with MTNL which is a little absurd but this comparison is worth understanding.

3G is a wireless service, so you will not get much downtime unlike MTNL landline long downtime because of cable fault etc.

Even MTNL’s 3G service is not up to the mark. It often gets disconnect while working, this might be a node to node problem. If you disconnect the dongle and reconnect it again then it gets connected. At cheap price this (few seconds or minutes) downtime can be handled.

If it’s a bad weather then yes, 3G might give you less speed but in any case it’ll be more than 512kbps.

Problem / Solution with 3G

3G requires good signal strength. If you are planning to use it within the building then lot of obstacles will downgrade the speed.

What I have done is, planted my 3G dongle (I had to switch to DLink for this) in a 3G wifi router at roof top. That way I get strong 3G signal and wifi serves this highspeed within my house.