How to Find Large Image of a Small Image

Google is not just a search engine, it’s contains indexes of huge number of photographs. If an image is on internet and accessible publically then there is a major change to find the image in google indexes.

Where to go to find the images?

It’s google of course, but this time we will use it’s images service (Google images). You can reach google images by typing and start searching for images.

Where to put the small image on search-box?

When you open, you will see a small camera option within the search-box.


Click on this camera option and it will ask you to put the image.

Here you have 2 options:

Either put a image URL or upload the image if you have one on your PC.


Once you hit the search button google will bring search results and from there you can choose the larger image option.


Finding larger images is just one useful options in google image search. You can find similar looking images if you are making a presentation or working on a similar project. Finding relevant photographs for bloggers is also a big problem and google solves that with their excellent image filtering algorithm.

Beware: If you are going to use these images for some commercial purpose then please ask the original up-loader.  Although these images are in public domain and anyone can access it but that doesn’t mean that you have got all the right to use image to way you like.

A google policy is always protect the anonymity and someone complaint to google then sometime google takes some serious action against. Such action can lead upto disabling your visibility on their search engine.

Chrome Desktop App Launcher All Google Service Shortcuts at one Place

Recently Google has unveiled its desktop shortcuts app called chrome app launcher. Although there is nothing special in this app but it’s very simple and as we all depends on google services so it kinda useful too.

Where to get chrome app for desktop?

It’s available on chrome’s app library. When you install any app from chrome library then it’ll ask you to download the app launcher too. Download it and you are done.

Chrome Desktop App Launcher

I accidently deleted the app? How to get it back?

It’s quite easy It’s a small software bundled with google chrome. Go to Start Menu of your computer All Programs and search for Google Chrome. You will find Chrome App Launcher there.

How to add more apps to Chrome Desktop Launcher App?

Go to chrome webstore and download the app you need. If the app is supported by google app then you will automatically get a short into your launcher app. Remember not all apps are supported with the launcher.


Although chrome desktop app is not a software, it’s more like web shortcuts. Because we all are using google services and don’t like to login again and again, this makes this small utility useful. Have all google services like youtube, gmail, google drive, google calander etc at one place and that’s right on your desktop.

Can I Add and Remove Apps I like?

Yes, there is no restriction. You can add or remove apps. To remove an app from the chrome app launcher, just right click on it and click uninstall and it will get removed.

Advanced Free Photo Editing Tool Online Better Than Photoshop So Far

Whether it is Mac, Windows or any other OS. Photo Editing is a big hassle, specially when you are used to a particular software. Normally, We need to enhance our clicked photographs for better viewing and effects. Customizing such effects on software like photoshop requires lot of expertise. It’s not a good idea to learn photoshop for everyone, although there is no harm in learning but who has time to learn everything? That’s where custom build effects comes into play.

After trying so many photo editing tools online like Pixlr, iPiccy, photor etc. I tried one more awesome online photo editing which is better than photoshop in some senses is google+.

You must be wondering that google+ is a social network by google. You, are right. But, google+ is an awesome photo editing tool too with lot of custom build enhancements.


Why Google+ Photo Editing Tool?

Well, there are various obvious reasons?

  • First of all, it’s Free Photo Editing tool and from google, so a better service is guaranteed.
  • Fully featured photo editing tool with functionalities like croping, auto enhancement, custom enhancement, blur, sharpness, rotate, correction etc.
  • Storage space for to save your image.
  • Revert to previous version / original image.
  • Compare Enhancements with the original image.

Advanced Free Google+ Photo Editing : How To

  • Login to with your gmail account.
  • Upload a photo and save it.
  • Once the photo is uploaded click on Album and open that uploaded photograph and then click edit (on the top of the image).
  • This will introduce lot of editing options on the right side.
  • Click on Customize Button near Auto Enhancement and customize settings.image

Save those settings and now you are ready to move on other advanced custom built tools like Tune-Image, Selective Adjust etc.

These are the basic and advanced adjustment tools available with google+advanced photo editing tool.


Google+ editing tools for photographs is better than photoshop in some respects. No pre photo editing learning curve is required to use such easy tools. You will get almost all the creative tools under one roof, some of them are better than instagram too. If you have never tried google+ as a social network then it’s the time to give it a try. You will realize that google+ is a real competition to other social networks in many respects.

What to Do If Website or WebPage is Not Available or Down

Internet is a place where we expect that it’ll answer everything we ask. But quite often this online tutor sleeps down and we have no other choice until he wakes up. As more and more websites are coming online with lot of useful information this downtime is increasing. This is happening because of bad of cheap hosting or website misconfiguration. But if such things happen then what options do we have so get that offline information?

What Options Do We Have if Website is Down?

Not much options are available but the one we have is the solid one. Again google is at your service. If you are using their famous google chrome browser then watching such offline information is very easy.

What to Do If Some Website or WebPage is Not Available

Google stores a copy or saves screenshots of websites for their own use. This is not like viewing old copy of website. Google refreshes this info as their crawler sees some changes into page’s content and stores that into google cache data.

Fortunately we can access these cached pages by typing cache: just before the not-available page.

for example if a url: is not opening then you can type it like this:

on google chrome browser only.

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Accessing Cached Pages on Bing and Yahoo:


As you can see in the above image. You can access cached page on bing by clicking this small down arrow and then by clicking “Cached Page”.


Above given example is about how to access cached page but the best option is provided by google. Because it can be accessed directly on browser which is somewhat more practical than provided by bing and yahoo.

How to Find Distance Between Two Places on Google Search

Google search is adding lot of new features and integrating all its services to it’s sole business backbone google search. Now you can find distance between two places easily on google by typing “Distance Between PLACE-1 to PLACE-2”.

For example: If you like to know distance between new delhi railyway station to gurgaon then simply type:

Distance Between New Delhi Railway Station to Gurgaon

That way you will get the info instantly. This info is just limited to distance but it’ll tell you travel time too. Although this feature is originally part of google maps but google is enriching it’s search engine with all the vital stats they are collecting from other google products.

How to Find Distance Between Two Places on Google Search

Difference between Google Maps and Google Search Stats

Because google maps is enrich with all the maps related features so definitely google maps will give all the vital info related to maps.

Turn By Turn: Available on both. (You need to press a long down arrow on google search for Turn by Turn Guidance)

Distance: Available on both.

Time in Current Traffic: Available on both.

Average Time via Car/Public Transport/ Walk: Only on Google Maps.

Satellite View ( or Other View): Only on Google Maps.

Although google is integrating all these maps stats on their search platform but because of lack of vital information it’s somewhat useless for travelers who are travelling in real time. This feature is good for getting a quick info about the distance and that’s the purpose of search (quick search).

If you are travelling in real time then always use google maps for all your travelling guidance. Google is integrating nice features to their maps platform like street view and real time traffic details which is very useful while you are sitting on a hot seat. If you are planning to travel then for a quick look how far the place is google search is best.

Now a days google is becoming more and more human because it can understand what you are looking for and produce that result in all sort of custom ways.

Ways to Open Blocked Website via Google and Download Files too

There are many ways to open blocked website. Many of you who are reading these tricks must be from a college, school or office. These official networks are often blocked to access sites like facebook, twitter etc. They allow you to use google because life will stop without google :) and block those sites which they think are bad for their productivity. But still you guys try to use proxies, softwares which can bypass server restriction. If you are struggling to open such blocked websites and all your arrows are blunt then there is nothing to worry. We have got some fresh sharp google arrows which can make a tiny hole in your office/college firewall.

Ways to Open Blocked Website via Google and Download Files too

1. Try Google Translate

I know you are not supposed to translate the page in any other language. We are just trying to use google’s translate service to open a blocked page within your own language. What we will do is, we set source language ( sl ) to anything like “fr” and translated language ( tl ) as english ( en ).

This google service will allow you to view those blocked pages. But you can’t download files with this method.

2.Google Mobile Viewing as Proxy

This is our second arrow and very effective. This is intended for reading purpose. Although the primary service of this mobile viewing was via but they have discontinued it but it’s available from google’s country specific domain like or


or alternatively you can use:

Google Hosting Module and Proxy

This google service is called gmodules and not intended to use as proxy server. But as we are trying to exploit google’s service to use them as proxy servers this is the best one out of all. Because you can download files (audio, video, documents etc.) with gmodules.

Although these services can be used as proxy but gmodules (3rd) is the only one which can be used to download files.

Despite all these services none can be used to login facebook or twitter but you can read any blocked page with these google services.

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Check Whether My Website is Safe For Browsing – Tool By Google

If you are website owner then listing / ranking on google depends a lot. But what if your server creates some issues like malware activity and corrupt all your website pages, theme etc. You need to keep track of that too. Webmaster’s work is not that difficult if you know best tools to work with. In this case you just need to check whether your site is safe in google’s eye and the tool is safebrowsing provided by google itself.

The way to access your site’s stats in quite simple:

(Replace MY_SITE_URL with your website URL) and it will open your website stats which serves google to know whether this site is free from malware or corrupt.

How SafeBrowsing Stats are useful?

First of these safe browsing stats are directly from google so they are genuine stats about your site.

You can see whether your hosting company is doing something wrong with your site. If google shows some infection then you should immediately talk to your hosting company and report them about the infection.

Make sure you often check such infections. Above given URL is a useful tool to quickly check about the infection. This page will show, when did google visited your site for such infection check. If google will have some info about your hosting server then it will show that too.


This is how infected website will look like on safebrowsing stats:




and this is how a clean site will look like:


These are the vital stats about your website and will help you to play safe in this infected world.

If you have found that your website has got some sort of infection then take necessary preventive action with your hosting provider. If you are using a cheap hosting company who doesn’t turn up on clients calls, then change your hosting to a better company.

Easiest Timer Online – Google Timer is Here

Google always does useful stuff. Earlier they have added flight status in their search. Now they have added timer. Now you can set a timer directly on google search.

How to set a google timer?

It’s very easy. open and type: timer 1 minute. This will set a timer of one minute and countdown will start instantly. This awesome feature is available on all latest and widely used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).

Alternatively you can type: set timer YOUR_TIME (ex: set timer 1 hour 15 minutes)

This is the most interesting way to set a timer but you need to make sure that your browser should remain open until timer expires.

Will Google Timer Give me Beep?

Yes, what’s the use of a timer without a beep. Even if the tab is in background then it will remind you. It’s a traditional timer sound. If you don’t want the beep then you can switch that off by clicking the audio icon.

How can I use it?

Google has made a boring timer very viral. For example: I always set a timer while working online to set the time frame. That increases my productivity and helps me to be within the time frame.

On google chrome timer can be set just by typing into the address bar without opening google. I love the way how google is simplifying our lives by integrating such small utilities into their search. Now there is no need to install any timer app and hassle to set the time. Just type : timer YOUR_WAIT_TIME and hist enter. It will remind you.

Easiest Timer from google

Few Examples:

20 Seconds: timer 20 sec

1 Minute: timer 1 min

1 Hour and 20 Minutes: timer 1 hour 20 mins