Connect 3G Phone Data (Internet) on Laptop like Wifi

Wires are a big hassle and mobility is today’s demand. Most of us are using internet on phone but when we need to use it on laptop then we find no clue of sharing phone’s internet connection with our laptop.

Do you know that you Can make a personal HotSpot (wifi) with 3G/4G

Although it’s very simple and is called Tethering. Let me tell you how to do it on an Android device. Although there are many versions of androids are available but they all have more or less same settings for tethering.

There are 2 ways by which you can use 3G/4G data on your laptop

1) Via USB Cable (It works like a wired LAN)
2) Via making mobile a hotspot. (Like your home/office Wifi)image

Go go Android Mobile’s Settings >> Wireless and Networks

Click Tethering & Portable Hotspot.

Once you are there

Check Portable Wifi HotSpot and this will enable your packet data (3G/4G) which is available on your mobile to be used over Wifi


Sometimes this is called MobileAP and MobileAP settings.

What about Wifi HotSpot settings? (Security Key etc.)

In the above image the third option is Portable Wifi hotspot Settings.  Click it and now you can configure the security key.


You can define your own SSID (Name which you will see on your laptop to connect your phone ) and Security (By default it’s open which means it can be used by anyone without any key). If you like you can change it to WEP or something like that and define the key. This key will be your security key which will be asked while you connect a laptop to this hotspot.

That was easy!! But there are some precautions too.

Precautions and Guidelines of using portable wifi hotspot

In this hotspot configuration, mobile consumes lot of battery. So make sure that you have necessary battery power to use it and switch it off (hotspot) when your work is done.

This configuration will heat-up your mobile a little bit more than usual, so don’t keep mobile in your pocket while hotspot is enabled.

If you are not getting 3G/4G speed but 2G!!

This happens sometimes. Make sure you have proper data package and 3G/4G is enabled on your mobile.

Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Networks

Now make sure of two things: One is Mobile data is ON (checked) and the other is Network is WCDMA or 3G or 4G depending on your network. But it should not be GSM. GSM provides 2G only.

No Proxy Required to Open Blocked Website and Download Songs Movies

Time has come when technology is changing our lives and everyone has started playing with bit and bytes. Government from all over the world is in a big hassle, because they are not enough smart to stop websites from being opened. Still cyber experts are doing their job by blocking websites on country level or at ISP level or any other way. But there is no universal rule that which can block a website universally.

So, there are ways to open such websites. One ordinary way is by using proxy or proxy websites. Everyone uses such proxy websites to open blocked sites into schools or office but what if proxy websites are blocked too? Is, there any other convenient way by which you can open blocked websites and download stuff.


A Browser (TorBrowser) Has Come-up to Help

Remember the-pirate-bay? A famous torrent website which is blocked in many countries but still people are using it all over the world to download stuff. This website has come-up with a beautiful solution to resolve the blockade they are getting from many countries. They has designed a browser called TorBrowser which is equipped with many paid tools for free to access blocked websites. You can use facebook or any other blocked website, blocked at any level by government or ISP.

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Download Files Without Using Proxy

Is it Possible? Yes.

Proxies doesn’t allow you to download files because that will consume their limited bandwidth or they charge money you for that. But as TorBrowser is standing on premium services which makes it unique in many respect. The best part is you can use it like a normal browser and download files easily. It’s as simple as right click on the file and click “save as”.

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Is It Free?

Yes, TorBrowser is Free for Download.

Do I Need to be Technically Advanced to Use it?


Although there are no special skill required to use it, but it comes with one new thing. After download and extract. Click on Start TorBrowser.exe and It will start a small window which will connect it to the Tor Network (Real power of Tor). Whole traffic will travel thru their own network in encrypted form. So no one can sense what you are doing on it.

TorBrowser Do looks Like Mozilla Firefox?


Yes, because they have modified this open source browser upto their need. Which is awesome.

Because it’s based on Mozilla Firefox, can we download addons on Tor?

Yes, installing addons on it is more like installing addons on Mozilla. Isn’t it awesome !!

Advanced Free Photo Editing Tool Online Better Than Photoshop So Far

Whether it is Mac, Windows or any other OS. Photo Editing is a big hassle, specially when you are used to a particular software. Normally, We need to enhance our clicked photographs for better viewing and effects. Customizing such effects on software like photoshop requires lot of expertise. It’s not a good idea to learn photoshop for everyone, although there is no harm in learning but who has time to learn everything? That’s where custom build effects comes into play.

After trying so many photo editing tools online like Pixlr, iPiccy, photor etc. I tried one more awesome online photo editing which is better than photoshop in some senses is google+.

You must be wondering that google+ is a social network by google. You, are right. But, google+ is an awesome photo editing tool too with lot of custom build enhancements.


Why Google+ Photo Editing Tool?

Well, there are various obvious reasons?

  • First of all, it’s Free Photo Editing tool and from google, so a better service is guaranteed.
  • Fully featured photo editing tool with functionalities like croping, auto enhancement, custom enhancement, blur, sharpness, rotate, correction etc.
  • Storage space for to save your image.
  • Revert to previous version / original image.
  • Compare Enhancements with the original image.

Advanced Free Google+ Photo Editing : How To

  • Login to with your gmail account.
  • Upload a photo and save it.
  • Once the photo is uploaded click on Album and open that uploaded photograph and then click edit (on the top of the image).
  • This will introduce lot of editing options on the right side.
  • Click on Customize Button near Auto Enhancement and customize settings.image

Save those settings and now you are ready to move on other advanced custom built tools like Tune-Image, Selective Adjust etc.

These are the basic and advanced adjustment tools available with google+advanced photo editing tool.


Google+ editing tools for photographs is better than photoshop in some respects. No pre photo editing learning curve is required to use such easy tools. You will get almost all the creative tools under one roof, some of them are better than instagram too. If you have never tried google+ as a social network then it’s the time to give it a try. You will realize that google+ is a real competition to other social networks in many respects.

Tool to Copy Files From DropBox SharePoint Box Google-Drive SkyDrive

Online services are doing wonders but on the other side creating problems too and on the other side problems are being solved too. If you are using a cloud service like dropbox, google drive, SharePoint, Egnyte Amazon S3 or any other then this is for you. Copying files from one cloud to other is very tiring. First download all the files and then upload then to the other cloud. This will not just eat up your bandwidth but also eat up your valuable movie time. Is there any service which can be used to transfer files from one cloud to the other?

Tool-to-Copy-Files-From-DropBox-SharePoint-Box-Google-Drive-SkyDrive is moving around to solve the puzzle.

First question first – Is it Free?

I am quite fed up with this free free thing. If you need better service then you have to pay. But what about trying something first and then pay. I think team do understand that. They are not offering a complete free account but a limited account where you can transfer 10GB of data for free and then pay $1 per extra GB. So, the free part is there but limited to 10GB.

Is there any limitation on the number of files?

Well, It doesn’t seems that there is any limitation. You can transfer as many files you want.

Movers has all the connectors of all popular cloud services. You can automate the data transfer according to your desired schedule. Mover transfer the files without any permission once a schedule is defined. Once it’s done, it will send you the mail.

There is no reason to download anything. Just login to mover account, give permissions of your cloud (All popular services are there –  Dropbox, SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive  etc). Tell then which files to move and set a schedule or initiate transfer.

It’s like keeping your cloud backup into another cloud. When one cloud is down then you can use other and sync then via mover when both are available.

If you own a server then you can more your files to that server too. If you have got a new google account and looking to transfer all your google drive files into your new account then again you can use mover.

How To Create Secure Password But Easy To Remember

We use all sort of internet services like facebook, twitter, gmail, banking sites… In today’s era this is an endless list. At one side making so many passwords is a pain and on the other side remembering all of them is even more painful. And making same password to all your services is a bad idea. If one goes, all goes.

Traditional ways of making Passwords

Making simple password like 123456 or “part of your name” or “your dog name” or “phone number” is very insecure.

Writing all your passwords on a paper is again a kind of unnecessary security hole.

Storing password in your phone is not a solution. If you lost your phone or a virus make your phone dead, you will loose all your passwords too.

One Simple Way To Create Password

Today, I am going to tell you a simple way to create a secure password. This technique will help you creating your password which will be hard to guess by anyone. Your password will contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers too. So, it will become a secure password.

create secure password but easy to rememberSTEP 1: Create a sentence. This sentence should be near to your heart so that you won’t forgot. I prefer to make sentences like:

My anniversary date is 11 december 2010. (Example Password Phrase)

STEP 2: Now pick first letter of every word in your sentence. Include numbers as it is, if you like or take their initials too.

You password will become Madi11d2010.

You can create any sentence and that will become your password. You can associate your sentence with the service you are using and that way you will have a different password for all of them. For example.

I like gmail. 10 GB space is enough. Ilg10Gsie (for gmail)

I am a Citi Bank customer since 2010. IaaCBcs2010

Twitter is nick name of my daughter Jenna. TinnomdJ

With this method you can make any sentence. Associating that sentence with the service you are using will help you to remember it. You can create a common sentence but change the service name will make that slightly different from one another.

For example:

I love Gmail to manage all my Emails.

I love Twitter to manage all my Tweets.

I love Facebook to manage my Friends.

These were few examples you can try. If you like to create something of your own then you can make it your way. But one thing you should remember it that pick a sentence which you can remember. Otherwise you will click Forgot Password button again and again to reset your password.

That was all about making secure password which can be remembered easily.

How to Capture Upload and Share Screenshots With DropBox

Dropbox is becoming more awesome with this little improvement. Now capturing screenshot (printscreen) and sharing it with anyone has become entirely easy.

Questions Seeking Answers:

How to capture computer screen and upload on internet?

How to share screenshots to friends and family?

How to take pic of desktop and send to my friend?

Prerequisites : You must have dropbox installed and running in your system tray as background service.

DropBox Screen Capture Sharing

What!! You Don’t Have DropBox?

If you don’t have dropbox then you are missing the opportunity to claim free (2GB) file uploading space. Download DropBox Now and get a 2GB harddisk space on internet. You can upload anything in your dropbox, there is no limitation. Forget about file security. Dropbox is being used by many organizations just because they are maintaining quality. Encryption, Two step verification, Support for Computer, Tablets, Mobile.

2GB is not the limit. As a free user if you send someone to open a dropbox account they will reward you with 500MB till you reach 18GB (that’s the limit). Is isn’t cool?

For the record: I own 50GB space with DropBox just because they are awesomely maintaining my files while I travel. Whenever I need to share something to someone, I simply sends the link of that dropbox file.

Coming back to the topic..

How to Capture ScreenShot and Upload it to Dropbox

Hope you are fulfilling the prerequisites otherwise it won’t work.

CTRL + PRTSCN : When you press printscreen button while holding ctrl, dropbox will take the screenshot and save it to screenshot directory in dropbox folder.

The best part of it is while taking the screenshot it generated a share url and copy that to your clipboard which you can send to anyone to open the file.

How To Disable Screenshot feature of DropBox

Although it’s an awesome feature but if for some reason you like to disable the screenshot feature then what can I say Smile with tongue out except going to DropBox > Preferences > Share ScreenShot (Disable it).

Alternatives of ScreenShot Softwares

1. If you own windows 7 then there is a spinning tool which serves the same purpose but with some extra features like taking screen shot of selected area.

2. If you work a lot on browser then lightshot is an awesome extension for firefox and chrome. It allows you to capture selected area of the screen and upload it to on internet by providing a share link. I use it personally whenever we work on some project.

Download LightShot for Firefox and Chrome