What To Do With Old Xbox 360 or Playstation 2

Have got a new gaming console and now you are scratching your head for what to do with this old gaming junk. Hey, they were not junk a day ago and now suddenly you are reading this article. Well, it happens with all of us. That is why we have got some creative uses of your old gaming console.

Gift It To A Low Tech Person

imageNot everyone loves technology upto a crazy level like youngsters. You can gift your old Xbox or Playstation to someone who is still fighting with touchscreen phones. Although gifting an old stuff is not good to everyone but you will surely find someone ( else donate it to orphanage ), teach them how to use it and amuse them with nice old playstation 2 games / xbox games. If you think that’s not a good social convention then here is the next tip too.

Xbox or Playstation for Watching Movies (DVD Player)

If you have a second TV but no DVD player then use your old playing machine to serve this purpose. No need to buy a separate DVD player and save money to buy something else like new game disc.

Watch Youtube, Netflix Videos (Streaming Player)

If you are not satisfied with the DVD option then you can extend the video watching with youtube, netflix etc. You will find dedicated apps within your xbox like HBO Go app. Just subscribe and watch. Youtube is full of videos and with Xbox you can enjoy them on your TV. Big screen haan!!

Get Some Money (Sell Playstation / Xbox)

ebay cash xbox

If you think that none of the option is working for you and you just need your money back then simply sell it on ebay and old games DVD’s. You will get some cash which can be used to buy new blue-ray games discs which can be played on your new love.