Drag and Drop File Sharing Software for Windows Mac Android iPhone

Have you ever attached file to gmail with it’s drag and drop feature or have you ever used dropbox to share files. File sharing is one thing we do often while online. Whether it’s about working on a project or sending a song to your girlfriend file sharing takes time. Software developers are introducing new and better app to tackle time consumption while working online. And it’s where CluodUP comes in for windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

It’s a small utility waiting silently within your taskbar to share files. It’s drag and drop feature is awesome and allows you to upload files from your desktop. No more file zipping and searching for free webspace. CloudUP accepts folder too and maintains it’s structure.

Drag and Drop File Sharing Software for Windows Mac Android iPhone

How to Get (Download) CloudUP?

Currently it’s not available for public. But we can arrange one for you, in fact for everyone out there. Instant Signup to CloudUP

There is around 200GB of webspace for everyone. I guess that’s a big number and enough to keep all your important files. Just drag a bunch of files and drop them on the cloudUP icon. They will get uploaded and linked url will be copied to your clipboard which you can paste anywhere like e-mail, messenger etc.

Can I share CluodUP Files on Facebook or Twitter

Yes, you can share the link on FB or twitter. Because these files are uploaded on server and are not behind login. Means, if someone knows the url of your uploaded file, it can be downloaded. Yes, it’s not safe but this utility is not to keep safe files.

If you need a quick drag and drop utility which can do fast uploading, just for sharing purpose then CloudUP is for you. But if you are more concerned for complete privacy then use app like dropbox.

Upload ScreenShots (PrtSc – Print Screen) instantly

Now this is handy, While cloupUp is running silently and you click print-screen button of your keyboard (it’s near F12 button on your keyboard saying PrtSc) then it’ll gets uploaded instantly and copy the share link on your clipboard. You can disable print screen option too.

Very handy utility for software / web developers working on different platforms like windows, mac, iPhone or Android. Just hit prtscr and paste the link. Saving extra work of saving the screenshot > upload it somewhere > copy link.