A Screen Capture Software with Free Paid-Features

We all take print screens (PrtSc Button at the top of your keyboard [Windows]) and have always dreamed of a kind of software which can edit my print-screen instantly.


GetShareX is an awesome utility in this respect. It’s just under 2 MB but loaded with awesome advanced features. It will change the way you think of screen-shots or print-screen so far.


It allows you to take screenshots in various ways like Fullscreen, Select the software window (Very handy while making presentation), Rectangle, Traingle, Circle, Free-Hand, Polygon, Hand-free.

It has a very interesting feature called Auto-Capture. It says that, you select the region and feed the time and it will take screenshots after every time-slice. I can’t say where will it be useful, but sometimes such things helps.

It will Upload your files automatically. You just select the service and it will automatically upload the file and copy the link within your clipboard. You can paste that link wherever you like.



Here are some interesting improvements too. You can automatically send the link  within e-mail or post it to social network like facebook. There is a URL shortener service too. Again I am not sure, how they will be useful but geeks find their usages.

There are lot of file uploading services around and you can choose the one you like. Some of their interesting features includes image-annotator, image effects and watermarks on all of your images.

GetShareX is highly customizable and comes with hotkeys settings. You can customize the hotkey. Like you like to fix a region and whenever you hit your defined key combination it will take the screenshot and upload it to a free image hosting service and email the URL to someone. Everything automatically. So, many triggers with just one key combination. Best of all is you can customize it they way you like.

No Proxy Required to Open Blocked Website and Download Songs Movies

Time has come when technology is changing our lives and everyone has started playing with bit and bytes. Government from all over the world is in a big hassle, because they are not enough smart to stop websites from being opened. Still cyber experts are doing their job by blocking websites on country level or at ISP level or any other way. But there is no universal rule that which can block a website universally.

So, there are ways to open such websites. One ordinary way is by using proxy or proxy websites. Everyone uses such proxy websites to open blocked sites into schools or office but what if proxy websites are blocked too? Is, there any other convenient way by which you can open blocked websites and download stuff.


A Browser (TorBrowser) Has Come-up to Help

Remember the-pirate-bay? A famous torrent website which is blocked in many countries but still people are using it all over the world to download stuff. This website has come-up with a beautiful solution to resolve the blockade they are getting from many countries. They has designed a browser called TorBrowser which is equipped with many paid tools for free to access blocked websites. You can use facebook or any other blocked website, blocked at any level by government or ISP.

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Download Files Without Using Proxy

Is it Possible? Yes.

Proxies doesn’t allow you to download files because that will consume their limited bandwidth or they charge money you for that. But as TorBrowser is standing on premium services which makes it unique in many respect. The best part is you can use it like a normal browser and download files easily. It’s as simple as right click on the file and click “save as”.

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Is It Free?

Yes, TorBrowser is Free for Download.

Do I Need to be Technically Advanced to Use it?


Although there are no special skill required to use it, but it comes with one new thing. After download and extract. Click on Start TorBrowser.exe and It will start a small window which will connect it to the Tor Network (Real power of Tor). Whole traffic will travel thru their own network in encrypted form. So no one can sense what you are doing on it.

TorBrowser Do looks Like Mozilla Firefox?


Yes, because they have modified this open source browser upto their need. Which is awesome.

Because it’s based on Mozilla Firefox, can we download addons on Tor?

Yes, installing addons on it is more like installing addons on Mozilla. Isn’t it awesome !!

Free Tools to Send & Share Large Files Online

Sending big file file on internet to someone is a big hassle because almost every email service (gmail, yahoo, outlook) imposes a file size limit. The problem become even worse when such email services don’t allow you to send setup files.

What can we do in this situation. The most general solution of it is to upload your file (specially large size file) on some file handling website and then send the link to the other party in eMail. This technique makes some practical sense and we all often do such thing but can we make it more efficient, safe and easy?

Have You Tried Google Drive

Google needs no introduction. If you haven’t tried google drive for sending or sharing files then you are missing a well engineered product. All google services works with gmail login. If you have one, then you have google drive account too.

Why Google Drive is Best

First of all it’s a google’s well engineered product.

It’s Free, comes with a desktop client. Which means you will get the google drive software for your PC, just drop file into that folder (normal copy paste) and it’ll get uploaded into google drive.

Send email to share / download file.


You can set permission, so that no other person will be able to download the file except those who has permission.

There are lot of exciting features like many people can work on the same file and each one can see the editing in real time. Very exciting feature for those who needs a collaborative environment to edit a file and come to the right conclusion while editing real time.

Specification: (More info)

15 GB Free Space.

Keep file in your account as long as you want. No expiration date.

Give and revoke file permission any time.

It’s a cloud service. Can use on tablet, phone, PC, laptop with one account (gmail).

File size you can upload can go upto 10GB.

Don’t Forget Sky Drive (a microsoft cloud service)


One more premium service for free. Although it comes with lesser features and space but it solves you purpose of sending large file.

Login via any of live.com, outlook.com or hotmail.com account (microsoft service) and start using skydrive.live.com

Skydrive also offers free desktop app to sync files with your web account. Very similar to google drive, sync files, send/share files to someone. Permissions on file. You won’t find much of a difference. The only major difference is webspace, which is almost half of google drive (7GB).

CloudUp is a Real Competitor

Although there are many websites offering such drag and drop service and comes with desktop clients too but CloudUP has done it really innovatively. Just drag your file into cloudup folder, it will ask you the email address and you are done.

File will get uploaded on cloudup server and an email along with the file ling will be sent to the recipient. Detailed CloudUp Review.

Now Control Computer with Hand Movements (Gesture) with Free Software

Technology is changing rapidly and in turn it’s changing our life and behaviour patterns. First there were huge computers, then desktops afterwards we have got laptops and now we have smaller devices in our pockets – Smartphones. Computing is everywhere that’s why computer engineers all over the world are working hard to make magical things. Controlling computer without touching anything is the next big thing. Earlier Samsung has introduced gesture feature into their TV, which allowed you to control tv with your hand.

Now you can control your Laptop or PC if you have a camera attached to it.

Can I control my PC with hand movements

Yes. There are lot of companies out there working to solve this mystery of controlling pc from hands. Controlling PC is little tricky than controlling TV. PC can run many applications at one time and selecting one of them is the real tricky task. It’s based on the priority actually and not always full proof.


Give me the Download link, Buddy!!

I know it’s cool and you must like to download it first, blah blah later. The software I am talking about is called Flutter (get Flutter – available for Windows 7,windows 8 and Mac). Google has recently acquired Flutter, so in near future we will see some gesture things on google products too.

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Can I control everything?

This utility is designed specially to control those softwares which requires no presence near to the PC. Like if you listening to the song on VLC player or watching a movie on Windows Media Player, Presenting a Power Point presentation or watching Shakira on Youtube, then such gesture tools are useful.

Just sit back and enjoy the stuff while controlling important things from distance with your gestures.

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How to Control ?

Show your palm to the camera and whatever was playing on VLC, media player or youtube will get paused. Do it again and it will get played.

Show your thumb to the right like you are asking for a lift and your movie will get forward. Do it to the left and it will go back.

It’s quite simple and you will like it.

Speed Reading Browser Plugin For All Browsers and OS

We do almost everything online. Reading long articles like newspapers and tutorials online is a big problem because screen doesn’t look like paper. One of the big problem with reading something on screen is lack of concentration. Can engineers solve this problem of reading online? Well, there is a small browser plugin utility claims that it can bring more focus while reading something online. The technique it implies is more of human psychological behavior than a technical expertise.


Reading Black and White is less concentrating. Why? and What’s the solution?

While we read something online,we often miss the line and often end up reading the same line. If we remove this human eye limitation then we eventually end up reading faster.

A small utility called BeelineReader can help. It’s built on color gradient technique which color lines in such a way that our eye can easily differentiate between lines.

Where to get the Fast Reading Software?

BeeLine Reader is a Plugin for almost all the available leading browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (Windows 7, Mac, Linux), iPad, iPhone etc.

You can get it as an addon, extension or bookmarklet, depending on your browser and OS.

How much Speed can it increase?

BeelineReader claims that if you are using it for the first time then you will fell that your reading speed has increased. A study has carried on similar technique has claimed that such gradient technique can increase the reading speed up to 30%.

What’s Supported?

You can read almost anything with it. Long email messages, newspapers, articles, tutorials. If it’s digital data and text, it can be read faster with BeelineReader.

Box Notes another Real Time Collaborative Editing Tool

Have you used google docs for Collaborative editing, on the similar grounds box.com has introduced Box Notes. Although the service is yet fully discovered by box but it looks promising. Yet, another Real Time Collaborative editing tool which is simple, light-weight and compatible for all leading platforms.

If you are working on a project with someone and are sharing files on box (which actually is box’s job) you can edit your files on the fly with the help of box-notes, without downloading it. Cloud computing is taking the real lift now. Companies like box, google (google drive), dropbox, skydrive are working and investing heavily on cloud based services.


Is Box-Notes worth?

Well, the service is just launched and is currently under closed group of users. It’s not the right time but there is something worth noting. Box is not for those who wish to have better service at low cost or free. Worth or not-worth depends on the usage and need. If you don’t have much data to share between clients or team then sadly you don’t need such high quality syncing service. Google Drive is sufficient for you need, where you get good space to store files.

But if you have a team managing a project then such cloud based service, where you can write notes and team up with others to edit a document is worth.

Is box the only service offering Real Time Editing ?

Well, don’t rush to get box-notes. There are other services too which offers almost same features and functionality.

Google Drive is one of my personal favorite. We can collaboratively work while editing document (Yes, Real Time – Where other users can see each other’s cursor ) and sharing files. Not to mention the power of google scripts (if you are a web-developer).

Skydrive: A similar service by microsoft.

Dropbox: Cloud based service with syncing but no real time editing tool.

2 Ways to Transfer Files Between Computers Mobiles over Wifi

Transferring files between computers is a big hassle and with so many options we don’t find any best or better way of it. Companies like google, microsoft, drop-box are offering cloud applications to transfer files between different various devices. This is a better way to transfer files but in all situations. No single technology is better for everything, that’s why we have options.

What if you need to transfer files between computers or mobiles over wifi. What’s the best, simple and quickest solution do we have?

Transfer Files Between Computers Mobiles over Wifi

Transferring Files via Desktop Software

We have got many options for this but the best we have found so far is AnySend. AnySend is offering very simple UI and simplest way to send files over wifi and over internet too. You need to install it on every device, and to use it over wifi all your devices like android phones, mac or windows must be connected to the same wifi. That’s the only configuration required.

Have a look at this video to know how simple it is:

AnySend requires to be installed on every PC, mobile device to be used. But what if one of your friend came in and needs a file from your phone. Will, you say that install AnySend first and then only I’ll send you file. That’s not good techie answer. So, our second option arrives.

Transferring Files over Wifi on Browser

For this we have to install a small software (AirDroid) on the phone. Run the software within phone and it’ll generate a url for accessing your file. Anyone under the same wifi can access that URL. Just punch that url along on any browser that will open your phone’s files on other device. That other device can be anything – Windows, Mac, Android.

AirDroid works as a file serves and offers a nice and clean interface to interact. This is one more nice way to share files over Wifi.

AirDroid is not just a file server, it offers lot more features like sending text messages ( SMS ) from desktop browser to anyone via your phone. Control your phone on desktop via Airdroid is quite easy and fun. The only problem I have found that your phone should be active on wifi and that consumes lot of battery. If you are good with this battery issue then AirDroid is the bestest solution.

If you don’t like airdroid for some reason or it’s creating some kind of problem the there is one good alternative of it: WiFi File Transfer. It is quite similar to airdroid but lesser features.

Evade ISP Blockage and Country Censorship Including Torrent

Policy makers are not been able to understand how to track and limit people using online facilities. Of course government wants control on every movement happening in the country. There may be security concerns involved but we all know some true facts behind such censorships. People are fighting for their basic rights about anonymity and designing new ways to preserve that. In this chain the famous piratebay website has launched a browser called piratebrowser on it’s 10th anniversary.


How safe is piratebrowser to preserve anonymity?

Well it’s a bit early to comment on the real objective of this browser. But as per details, it seems that they are using something that is already been used by techy people. PirateBrowser is a bundle of all powerful anonymity tools and services.

What’s in the Package?

Fuel of ProxyBrowser is : Firefox Portable Setup + TOR + PoxyProxy

This new browser is based upon firefox portable browser setup. That means you don’t need to install it on your machine. Download and run the exe file. It’s a nice way not to leave any foot marks within OS.

It’s using TOR network which is famous for privacy protection. All your traffic will move via TOR network. You ISP will have no control over what is being downloaded.

FoxyProxy: This famous proxy tool is included with the package. So, no need to worry about proxy setups manually.

Is it Free?

Yes, All these awesome services are free with the bundle.

Where is the download link for piratebrowser?

Piratebrowser download

What Internet Community is Saying?

Here are some twitter responses on this topic:

-> England has been suffering with censorship, time to download piratebrowser.

-> Evade ISP blockage use piratebrowser.

-> Get Around Govt Censorship.

-> Say NO to Govt control over internet.

-> No one can interfere now. PirateBrowser is here.

-> A webbrowser to avoid censorship.

-> Bypass IP blockades. A win for freedom fighters.

Hope, This Hope won’t DIE

Although, this browser is not doing something new but combining already available tools and services. For geeks, this may not be exciting but for normal to layman users this is not less than a revolution. Now everyone can evade the censorship imposed by either Govt. or local ISP. Internet should be free but it should be safe too.

Being a gun in hand doesn’t mean you have got the right to kill anyone come into your way. It’s up to you, how to use something available to you and for what purpose?

Free and Easy ScreenCasting Animated GIF Software for Windows

If you are a blogger then adding images is a necessity. Finding new images which is in sync with your blog post content is really boring and consumes a lot of time. If you are writing some how-to then it becomes more difficult. Everytime shoot a video, upload that on youtube and then add it in your blog post is not one can do more often, specially when video length is 5 sec or just 3 second.

The best solution in this case is animated gif. If you don’t know much about gif then look at this wikipedia entry. ScreenCasting Animated gif software is good for creating small video tutorials.

Ex: Below is an animated gif.

GifCam is a simple and free software to create animated gif. It’s just 700Kb and does only one thing – Record screen-casting and converts that into animated gif.

It creates a small sized gif file because of some nice features. Adding delay if focused screen is idle. If there are lesser number of pixels changing then it changes only those pixels instead of adding a new image. Also you can review frames and delete those are not necessary.

There are many other animated gif software available but GifCam is the upto the need. If you need more features then you have to spend money. More advance version of GifCam is GifRecorder. Which will cost you around $30 (one-time).