Convert Email and Attachments into pdf via Email

Pdf is being used widely and people often find it difficult to convert files or email into pdf. Although there are plenty of online solutions but whenever we need to convert something into pdf we have to drill down and have to try various services until we get the pdf. Imagine converting email or attachment within gmail or yahoo or outlook for Free.

convert email to pdf via email address

Is there are Easy Solution to Convert Files into pdf?

As we are working more and more online so the solution must be online. It must be operable from any device (Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc). Specially mobile device where you doesn’t have enough resources and flexibility to work. Now a site has come forward to narrow down the problem and has offered a very nice service.

But first, Add these 3 emails into your mailing address book:

What are these mailing addresses for? Nice Question :)

I call it Send Email – Get Email

Send anything (text, attachment) and get pdf.

These are life savers and an email solution to convert any email or attachment into pdf right from your email account.

I guess these are self explanatory but if you think you are having a doubt about which one is for what then read along. If you need to convert email message ( Yes, I mean to the text written into your email ) then just forward that email to and within few seconds you will get an email containing the pdf. If you need to convert an attachment into pdf then use this email address. Just forward the attachment and get it’s converted pdf.

Valid Attachments: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Now this is something useful. If you need to convert a webpage into pdf then just write down the url of the page into email body and send it to webconvert@pdfconvert.meYou will get a pdf containing the webpage. If you don’t want headers to be shown like TO, From, Subject etc and just the text then send your mail to .

Is it worth Trying?

First of all this service is free and they have no plan of charging for that in near future and second is that it’s quite handy. If you are on a mobile or tablet then doing file conversion is very tiring process. You need to go online and need to find the appropriate service which can convert it for you, upload and download the converted file. The worst part in this process is that conversion service attaches their watermark into converted file. No one wants that.

Why downloading paid tools or softwares just to convert file into pdf.

Just send an email or email attachment to these special addresses and get the pdf within seconds.

What about language other than English?

If your text is in some other language like hindi or any other unicode then also it will be converted. seems quite promising service and once you add these email addresses then generating pdf will no longer be a problem.

Can this service be used with Outlook?

Not just outlook, it can be used with any other email client like thunderbird etc.

No Proxy Required to Open Blocked Website and Download Songs Movies

Time has come when technology is changing our lives and everyone has started playing with bit and bytes. Government from all over the world is in a big hassle, because they are not enough smart to stop websites from being opened. Still cyber experts are doing their job by blocking websites on country level or at ISP level or any other way. But there is no universal rule that which can block a website universally.

So, there are ways to open such websites. One ordinary way is by using proxy or proxy websites. Everyone uses such proxy websites to open blocked sites into schools or office but what if proxy websites are blocked too? Is, there any other convenient way by which you can open blocked websites and download stuff.


A Browser (TorBrowser) Has Come-up to Help

Remember the-pirate-bay? A famous torrent website which is blocked in many countries but still people are using it all over the world to download stuff. This website has come-up with a beautiful solution to resolve the blockade they are getting from many countries. They has designed a browser called TorBrowser which is equipped with many paid tools for free to access blocked websites. You can use facebook or any other blocked website, blocked at any level by government or ISP.

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Download Files Without Using Proxy

Is it Possible? Yes.

Proxies doesn’t allow you to download files because that will consume their limited bandwidth or they charge money you for that. But as TorBrowser is standing on premium services which makes it unique in many respect. The best part is you can use it like a normal browser and download files easily. It’s as simple as right click on the file and click “save as”.

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Is It Free?

Yes, TorBrowser is Free for Download.

Do I Need to be Technically Advanced to Use it?


Although there are no special skill required to use it, but it comes with one new thing. After download and extract. Click on Start TorBrowser.exe and It will start a small window which will connect it to the Tor Network (Real power of Tor). Whole traffic will travel thru their own network in encrypted form. So no one can sense what you are doing on it.

TorBrowser Do looks Like Mozilla Firefox?


Yes, because they have modified this open source browser upto their need. Which is awesome.

Because it’s based on Mozilla Firefox, can we download addons on Tor?

Yes, installing addons on it is more like installing addons on Mozilla. Isn’t it awesome !!

How to Find Large Image of a Small Image

Google is not just a search engine, it’s contains indexes of huge number of photographs. If an image is on internet and accessible publically then there is a major change to find the image in google indexes.

Where to go to find the images?

It’s google of course, but this time we will use it’s images service (Google images). You can reach google images by typing and start searching for images.

Where to put the small image on search-box?

When you open, you will see a small camera option within the search-box.


Click on this camera option and it will ask you to put the image.

Here you have 2 options:

Either put a image URL or upload the image if you have one on your PC.


Once you hit the search button google will bring search results and from there you can choose the larger image option.


Finding larger images is just one useful options in google image search. You can find similar looking images if you are making a presentation or working on a similar project. Finding relevant photographs for bloggers is also a big problem and google solves that with their excellent image filtering algorithm.

Beware: If you are going to use these images for some commercial purpose then please ask the original up-loader.  Although these images are in public domain and anyone can access it but that doesn’t mean that you have got all the right to use image to way you like.

A google policy is always protect the anonymity and someone complaint to google then sometime google takes some serious action against. Such action can lead upto disabling your visibility on their search engine.

Speed Reading Browser Plugin For All Browsers and OS

We do almost everything online. Reading long articles like newspapers and tutorials online is a big problem because screen doesn’t look like paper. One of the big problem with reading something on screen is lack of concentration. Can engineers solve this problem of reading online? Well, there is a small browser plugin utility claims that it can bring more focus while reading something online. The technique it implies is more of human psychological behavior than a technical expertise.


Reading Black and White is less concentrating. Why? and What’s the solution?

While we read something online,we often miss the line and often end up reading the same line. If we remove this human eye limitation then we eventually end up reading faster.

A small utility called BeelineReader can help. It’s built on color gradient technique which color lines in such a way that our eye can easily differentiate between lines.

Where to get the Fast Reading Software?

BeeLine Reader is a Plugin for almost all the available leading browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (Windows 7, Mac, Linux), iPad, iPhone etc.

You can get it as an addon, extension or bookmarklet, depending on your browser and OS.

How much Speed can it increase?

BeelineReader claims that if you are using it for the first time then you will fell that your reading speed has increased. A study has carried on similar technique has claimed that such gradient technique can increase the reading speed up to 30%.

What’s Supported?

You can read almost anything with it. Long email messages, newspapers, articles, tutorials. If it’s digital data and text, it can be read faster with BeelineReader.

ADD Facebook Post Photos Video Albums and Comments on My Website

Now it’s official. Earlier we were using some hacking technique to embed facebook posts or albums on our sites which required some coding understanding. Still that technique is still valid but not for those who are not regular coders. Facebook now has released it’s embedding feature for everyone which is quite interesting and very easy to implement.

Above is the example of such facebook video embedding.

Whatever you share on facebook becomes a post. So basically embedding a photo, video or simple post does mean embedding post either-way. Not going into much of details because this article is not for geeks, it’s for a normal user.

Where is the facebook embed code?

At the top right, you will see a down arrow on every post. If the post is shared as public or not locked in any other sense then you will see an embed post link while clicking this down arrow. Just click on that and you will get the embed code. Now paste this code anywhere on your website. What can be more simple than this.

Embed Facebook Post Photos Video

While writing this post I have found that embedding a photo is requires a little more than this.

How to embed FB Photo on My Website

Right click on the Photo and open it in a new tab. Then look for embed code just after the photo.

embed fb photo link


What about Video and Album Embedding?

Video embedding is just like photo embedding. Just open that video in a new tab and you will find the embed post link right below the video.

Album embedding is not yet been introduced. I guess FB must be working on it and soon they will release the embed code for that too.

I don’t see embed post link on some posts?

There can be various reasons reasons if you are not seeing embed code for some particular ones.

Not shared publicly. [Solution: No solution. That will be against privacy policy]

Shared someone’s post. [Solution: Open the original post. If it’s an image then open that image like I have explained above and you will see the embed code.]

There can be more reasons too.

Can I embed my own facebook posts on my website?  How?

Yes, you can embed your own posts with one condition. Post must be publicly shared. Go to your page and look for the embed code of your own post and paste it on your website.

Is this embed code good for wordpress blog post too?

Yes. While writing a wordpress blog post, paste the code in text mode (not in visual mode) at the place you like it to be rendered. When you will switch back to visual mode you will not see anything but the embedding will remain there. You can hit preview to check.

How to Choose Text Caption Color for Picture Video and Web

Whether you are working on a video and struggling to choose the right color for title OR working on an image to choose the right color for captions, you have to scratch your head all the time. You final one color and when look at it again you just feel that the text is not readable. So, How to make a readable text as caption over any video or picture.

Well, it’s quite simple but may be you haven’t thought of it. Text With a Outline.

Light and dark combination is always great to make things visible. Often dark color is outlined to make other color more visible. Do you remember your school days when your painting teacher had told you to outline everything you make with a dark color. The same old school technique we will follow here.

We will type the caption in light color and then outline it with dark color.

How to Outline Text with Dark Color (CSS – For Web):-

This is relatively simple. You just need to know about  text-shadow css.


Sample TEXT

The above given sample is a beautiful example of what we are discussing here. Although we have applied text-shadow css property in a little nontraditional and tricky way. Let me explain it.

Code used to generate above shade is this:

<span style=”font-size: 20px; text-shadow: 0px -1px black, -1px 0px black, 1px 0px black, 0px 1px black; color: #fff; background: #abc; padding: 5px;”>Sample TEXT</span>

Have a look at the text-shadow property. I have applied it to print the border of text from top, bottom, left and right.

Syntax :- text-shadow: horizontal-shadow vertical-shadow color;

So, technically above code will generate 4 shadows of text and we align then horizontally and vertically to get the desired effect.

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How to do it in Photoshop:-

This is the same way what we were doing with the web version. I hope you must have got the basic idea behind it.

Always make a dark color border with light color inside. It will make a nice readable text caption for image, video and web content.