3 Tools to Unfollow Twitter Non-Followers Who are Not Following Back

Twitter is not just a great social sharing but a big marketing tool too. Marketers from every field are promoting their product on twitter. Some of them are getting fame but some are not following basic guidelines about how to use twitter as a marketing tool.

Getting more and more followers is the ultimate aim of any twitter marketer. To get so many followers one simplest technique is follow people and they will follow you back.


Why Un-Follow?

It’s not a technical question but rather a psychological question. When some who is not a celebrity sees that someone has started following him/her, they tend to know the follower. In reply follow them back. But there are lot of people who never follows back. To weed out such dirty seeds is a necessity for internet marketer. Because having greater number of followers and lesser number of followings is a good thing on twitter but vice-versa is very bad. Specially when you have a twitter account for brand.

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Best 3 Tools to Unfollow Twitter Profiles that are not following you Back:

1) Just Unfollow : Just Unfollow is an awesome tool to unfollow those who are not following you. The best feature which is available only with Just-Unfollow is that you can copy followers of your competitor. So, If you are in seo business and have identified some great seo profile who has huge followers list then with Just Unfollow you can add them. Of Course not all will be added to your account but you will surely get lot of them.

You can use Multiple Twitter account and also can check about who followed you just to check your followers. This service can be used on mobile too.


2) Manage Flitter : This is more of a clean design and comes with a free basic account. In future if you like it then upgrade to pro.

Some of the best features of Manage Flitter is that is senses your profile and tell you when is the best time to tweet. Moreover it has feature called power-post which schedules your tweet accordingly.

It has a detailed analytics tool. Of course we can’t compare it with google analytics but it’s worth watch what your viral activity trends. How your activity have performed in past, which can help you fine tune your twitter gain.

Unfollow all those who are not following you back or having fake account or are not active. Sweep all those useless accounts who are a burden for your twitter profile.

Copy Followers from other account just like just-unfollow service.

3) iUnfollow: No, it’s not an apple product its more like a professional twitter service which can manage your twitter followers. You can track pending follow requests, manage whitelist i.e. all those premium followers which you accidently don’t want to unfollow. Manage all of them with this whitelist feature. Vital statistics and unfollow to all those who have no plan to follow you back.

Tweet Text From Webpage : Best Twitter Service So Far

The official twitter bookmark is available at dev.twitter.com but there are geeks out there working to make tweeting better and easy. Recently a group of people have designed a tweet service called emph.it.

What’s good about emph.it?

It’s a simple bookmarklet which you can drag and drop it to your browser’s bookmark toolbar but with a nice difference.


Emph.it allows you to tweet by selecting text from any webpage. As you start highlighting the text from any webpage it will show you a little icon which upon click will tweet the text.

One more thing I like about is that it keep on displaying the character count while selecting the text. It’s quite handy while tweeting stuff.

What other choices do we have?

More and more services are coming daily and we are reviewing them for you. One more service is catching our attention. It’s TallTweets.

Tall Tweets is different from other service in many aspects. It allows to say more on twitter. As it’s name suggests, you can send more text (not just 140 characters) with tall tweets.

Tall Tweets Features:

imageAllows you to write more text than usual 140 characters.

It will chunk the entire message (your long tweet) into smaller chunks of 140 characters each OR it will publish the entire message as an image. Is it not amazing. If your message requires more than 140 characters then it will convert it into a simple text image.

I can see more possibilities with tall tweets. With their existing service they can add fonts support into their image version of tweeting. Sending tweets with attractive fonts will be something different.