Remove Delta Search Malware from Computer and Browsers

Delta Search Engine is a potential virus which is using various technique to hack the basic search functionality. It replaces browsers search with their own search page. So, whichever browser you will use (Internet Explorer [IE – all versions], Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera ) and try to open a new tab you will probably see this Delta Search page.


Don’t be fooled by Delta Search that they are actually a search engine. They are there to produce their own ads by using other leading search engine’s data.

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I Didn’t Install Delta Search – God Promise!!

You must be wondering how did I get delta search (a potential malware) into my system or PC. I am sure you must not have installed it but its there, HOW?

There are lot of free software available out there on internet and to earn some money such free software developers collaborate with fake search engine companies. Developers bundle their free tool with their malware and gift you as they are doing it for charity. It a profit sharing model. Whatever Delta Search will earn, free software developer will get their share, or something like that.

NOTE: So, from next time onwards, when you search for such free software, think twice before installing or be cautious while installing them

Is There Something Fishy with Delta Search?

Although it’s a Malware and might have all the capabilities to damage your system but there are no such big reports. Although Delta Search says that they are not any virus or malware and if someone needs to uninstall it, they help them removing it. This is ridiculous. People knows how to remove software, then why they are not able to uninstall it?

It’s because it’s not easy to uninstall a malware.

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How to Remove Delta Search?

Let Uninstall Delta Search Permanently.

Step 1: Uninstall it from Add and Remove Programs or by going into

Control Panel > Programs and Features

Look there for delta search, right click on it and click uninstall.

Such viruses cum malware are expert in changing their names. This particular malware have found in systems with Delta Chrome Toolbar OR Mixi DJ OR Yontoo OR Browser Protect. I advice you to have a look for these names and if you found any of them, please uninstall them as well.

Step 2:

You must be thinking that you are done. Not yet. So, far we have done the normal process of uninstallation for a software. Not the case of a malware.

Remove Delta Search From IE:

Open Internet Explorer, press ALT (it will bring the bar at the top).

Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons

have a look for the above listed different names of delta search and remove them from “Toolbar and Extensions” & from “Search Provider” if found any.

In the search provider section leave only leading search provider like bing, yahoo or google. Remove anything else.

Remove it From Firefox:

Go to Firefox. Press ALT to bring menu bar.

Tools > Add-ons > Extensions

Find delta search and it’s variants and remove them (Uninstall).

Tools > Options

reset the homepage to some leading search engine and remove others.

Remove it From Google Chrome:

Go to Chrome. Click on those 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner to bring chrome menu-bar.

Tools > Extensions

Remove Delta Search and it’s other variants. Click on the recycle-bin button to uninstall permanently.

Again click on those 3 lines on top-right and go to Settings.

Look at the Search and click Manage Search Engines. Select only the leading search engine as default. Be on the safe side and remove others (if you don’t need them).

NOTE: If you don’t think that you haven’t installed delta search or you don’t know about how it came into your system there it must be possible that you are using some tricky software which have its root deep into the system. You need to run a full system scan with these utilities. MalwareBytes Anti Malware or SpyBot.

Remove Babylon Toolbar New Tab Completely From Chrome, Firefox, IE

If you are not not able to remove (cannot remove) Babylon toolbar completely then hopefully these guidelines will be able to help you. This hijacker toolbar hijacks the basic functionality of the browser and put it’s own new tab settings. There are various ways by which you can remove New Tab settings of Babylon toolbar. I have discussed the basics about removal of Qvo6 Hijacker malware in one of my post which is similar to this toolbar. Lets get rid of it toolbar too.

Removal of babylon toolbar

Before going into tedious process let’s try the simple one first and If that will not work (special case) then we will proceed to other complicated process.



How to Remove Babylon Toolbar from all Browsers (Simple one):

Although babylon says that you can easily remove the toolbar by following their basic instruction which are here:
Babylon’s removal guide
I recommend you to read it and follow what they have to say. After completing all the steps suggested by Babylon team if New Tab problem still persists then come back here and proceed with few more steps. This will help you in removal of New Tab search settings from your browser.

NOTE: Please follow steps discussed in Babylon Removal Guide first before following further.

Further Steps: (For Firefox Only)

1) Type about:config in the address bar. This will open the configurations page of firefox. This will warn you by saying “This Might Void Your Warranty !” . Click I’ll be careful, I promise.

2) In the search box type : browser.newtab.url . There will be something written in the Value column. You need to reset it.

3) Right Click on at click reset. (If reset doesn’t work, then click modify and type : about:newtab).

4) Save it and Restart your browser.

If you think that malware is still have certain files in the operating system then you need some removal tools to get rid of these files. I have discussed some malware tools you can use. Still having problem please do write to me, I’ll reply.

Remove QVO6 Malware Permanently From ie Firefox Chrome Opera

Qvo6 is a malware which affects your computer specially all your browsers. Although there are some guidelines available on internet which asks you to perform certain steps like removing shortcuts and uninstall addons. Yes, that is right but not the right way to remove Qvo6 type of malwares permanently and completely from your computer.

If you follow these guidelines Qvo6 will be removed from all browsers and from your windows too. Requires little of your time but bring you peace of mind.

qvo6 virus removal guide step by step

Before removing Qvo6 you should understand that removing traces of a virus or trojan or malware is quite difficult and requires good understanding.

1. Remove Files (All basic files that concerns to the virus)
2. Remove Embedded shortcuts from browser.
3. Remove Files within browser cache and registry values.
4. Remove other malware files that are linked with basic malware.
5. Double check with Malware Removal Software.

I am not going to explain everything but will tell you which too is better for which step. With every tool you just need to do Search /Scan and Delete.

For Step 1: Use ADWCleaner

Download it and scan your computer with ADWCleaner. If your computer is infected with some malwares like Qvo6 then it will remove the associated files. Delete whatever it will find.

#NOTE: While installing just install the basic software and not the other tools it will offer during installation. Decline others.

For Step 2: It requires Manual work.

Right Click on your browser (repeat it with all your browsers) and select PROPERTIES (at the bottom).

Go to shortcuts Tab and within Target text area, remove any URL associated. Make sure you don’t remove the location of software.

remove qvo6 from web browser shortcut

Repeat this step for all the browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome. Actually, this is an embedded shortcut which calls while starting the browser. Removing this is necessary but not sufficient. Proceed to step 3.

For Step 3: Use JunkWare Removal Tool.

It’s a command prompt utility. Just proceed with it and it will remove all the malicious files associated with your browser cache and registry.

remove malicious files from all browsers

For Step 4: Use Malwarebytes. Althoughh it’s a paid tool but offers limited period free version too. Use it’s free version and perform a quick scan. Being a paid tool, it will show you a detailed report about viruses and malwares or adwares. Remove them.

For Step 5: There is no need to perform step 5 but if you still feels that something is left, then do it too. It’s more like a final check. For step 5 use HitMan Pro. Its again a paid tool but comes with 30 days trial. Use it and remove it when your check is done. If it will found something then remove that too. Although above 4 steps are sufficient for removal of Qvo6 from your windows 7, Windows 8 – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera.

Removing viruses and malwares is not that easy, you need to remove all traces they leave within your operating system. These traces are the backdoor for the virus to come again and again.