Check Whether My Website is Safe For Browsing – Tool By Google

If you are website owner then listing / ranking on google depends a lot. But what if your server creates some issues like malware activity and corrupt all your website pages, theme etc. You need to keep track of that too. Webmaster’s work is not that difficult if you know best tools to work with. In this case you just need to check whether your site is safe in google’s eye and the tool is safebrowsing provided by google itself.

The way to access your site’s stats in quite simple:

(Replace MY_SITE_URL with your website URL) and it will open your website stats which serves google to know whether this site is free from malware or corrupt.

How SafeBrowsing Stats are useful?

First of these safe browsing stats are directly from google so they are genuine stats about your site.

You can see whether your hosting company is doing something wrong with your site. If google shows some infection then you should immediately talk to your hosting company and report them about the infection.

Make sure you often check such infections. Above given URL is a useful tool to quickly check about the infection. This page will show, when did google visited your site for such infection check. If google will have some info about your hosting server then it will show that too.


This is how infected website will look like on safebrowsing stats:




and this is how a clean site will look like:


These are the vital stats about your website and will help you to play safe in this infected world.

If you have found that your website has got some sort of infection then take necessary preventive action with your hosting provider. If you are using a cheap hosting company who doesn’t turn up on clients calls, then change your hosting to a better company.