Chrome Desktop App Launcher All Google Service Shortcuts at one Place

Recently Google has unveiled its desktop shortcuts app called chrome app launcher. Although there is nothing special in this app but it’s very simple and as we all depends on google services so it kinda useful too.

Where to get chrome app for desktop?

It’s available on chrome’s app library. When you install any app from chrome library then it’ll ask you to download the app launcher too. Download it and you are done.

Chrome Desktop App Launcher

I accidently deleted the app? How to get it back?

It’s quite easy It’s a small software bundled with google chrome. Go to Start Menu of your computer All Programs and search for Google Chrome. You will find Chrome App Launcher there.

How to add more apps to Chrome Desktop Launcher App?

Go to chrome webstore and download the app you need. If the app is supported by google app then you will automatically get a short into your launcher app. Remember not all apps are supported with the launcher.


Although chrome desktop app is not a software, it’s more like web shortcuts. Because we all are using google services and don’t like to login again and again, this makes this small utility useful. Have all google services like youtube, gmail, google drive, google calander etc at one place and that’s right on your desktop.

Can I Add and Remove Apps I like?

Yes, there is no restriction. You can add or remove apps. To remove an app from the chrome app launcher, just right click on it and click uninstall and it will get removed.