Configure Dlink Router for 3G Dongle for Any Sim

Dlink is one of my favorite hardware provider but this time I did the mistake of trying other hardware like TP-Link. After so much drilling I have found that it’s not possible to use MTNL Dongle with it. MTNL 3g Jadoo dongle provided by Teracom is a weird peace of hardware. I have found that there is hardly any 3g router that supports it. So I have decided to drop this dongle and planed to use MTNL sim into a different dongle. Which can support a 3g router so that I can use MTNL 3G with all my devices as a wifi in my home.

I Tried TP-Link But..

I tried TP-Link 3G router before trying D-Link because the shop-owner told me that it is a good brand and works with almost any dongle. I bought it and returned back to home. I was feeling little excited that finally I have solved the wifi problem (Wifi Problem?? – It’s a long story. Dump it for the time being). I began testing mtnl 3G jadoo dongle and anticipating that it should work without realizing that teracom is not listed into the supported dongle list.

After drilling for more than 10 hours and reading everything available on internet about this specific problem, I finally realized that this is not the right time to end the story. MTNL 3G jadoo dongle is not supported by TP-Link and not even by D-Link (need explanation? Keep Reading).

Time to Try D-Link 3G Router (DSL 2750U)

I had a word with the shop owner and because he made me sure that TP-Link would work he agreed to accept the fact that TP-Link will not work in this case. I don’t blame chiptek (name of the shop). Shop Owner helped me so much through out the process, he made numerous calls for me to resolve the issue (rarely seen in India). Stories apart, he aggreed to change it and offered me D-link (Costly than TP-Link). He told me that he had made calls to field expert and even on D-Link MTNL 3G Jadoo dongle won’t work. You have to buy the supported dongle with D-Link. I was keen to end the story so I bought D-Link Dongle too.

I came back and inserted the MTNL 3G sim into it and things have started working after some changes into the router (Defaults will not work).

Configure D-Link 3G router for Dongle (USB – Stick)

1) Insert MTNL 3G sim into D-Link Dongle. Make sure internet is active on the sim. It’s a common mistake when you try something new. All bits and pieces must be working.

2) Power up the router and insert the dongle into USB socket. You will see the anchor sign (usb sign) has started blinking. Not its time to configure the router.

3) Because it’s a new router so currently it’s open to access (NO WAP/WEP KEY – unsecure). Open your browser and type

4) ID: admin, PASS: admin
5) Once you are logged in go to ADVANCED on top click 3G Configuration on left and if action status is undial then click Undial


6) Once you click undial, after few seconds Edit button will become active and click it.


7) Now you can edit settings of your 3G dongle. I am publishing MTNL settings because I am using it. You can ask your service provider for these settings. If you are using AIrtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea or any other 3g provider, make a call to their call center and ask them these settings.

For MTNL Delhi these settings are:

Account: mtnl

Password: mtnl123

Dial_Number: *99#

Net-Type: TD-SCDMA or WCDMA (Whichever your service provider says, although I doubt that they know these terms. I am using TD-SCDMA, you can use that too and test).

APN: pps3g (mtnl provides lot others too. But for the time being use pps3g).

OnDemand: check the box

Go down and Click APPLY.

8) Once you click Apply, it will start modem will start dialing the network with these settings. Wait you few settings

Inform: Connecting, dial on demand, Auto Dialed

will turn into

Inform: CONNECTTED, dial on demand, Auto Dialed



Now it’s time to set wifi secutiry Key otherwise your open connection can be used by anyone in your neighborhood.

Click Advanced Wireless –> Security Settings


Go down and set Pre-Shared Key and click Apply.


Once you set this pre-shared key, you have to connect your computer again and this time it will ask the key.

That’s all. Hope this guide will help you to set and configure D-Link Router with 3g usb-stick and any service provider SIM card.


    Today, I have bought HCL Tablet Model Me U1 & D-LINK DUNGLE . I had faced the problem for connecting its internet.

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Hi Suman,
    I have checked the HCL site for the supported dongles. Unfortunately HCL ME U1 doesn’t support D-Link dongles.
    For the complete list visit this link:

  • vikas

    I have a similar situation, have a D link router, an MTNL 3G sim but no dongle as of now. Could you please suggest which model of D Link dongle I should buy? I found D-Link DWM-156 on google, just wanted to confirm if this is the model which worked for you before I buy it.

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Yes, I am using DWM-156 with D-Link router. So far it’s working good for me. Yo just need to make some settings into your router like APN and all.
    Settings are here discussed above.

    But there are some issues with MTNL sim. MTNL causes frequent disconnection and you have to dial it again. Although router does it’s effort while connecting again but MTNL server doesn’t respond sometimes and 30-40% times you end up with frustration. And you have to reset the dongle until it gets connected.

    This is how I am using it: When I work on laptop, I use dongle but when I need to use some other devices like phone and tab then only I plug it in into router. Sometimes it creates problem because of laggy MTNL service (sometimes) but at least it works.

  • Banajit

    Hi Sudeep, I am planning to get the D-link DSL 2750U 3G router and DWM-156 3G dongle to use it with Airtel SIM.
    1. Have you ever tried this combination?
    2. Does this combo work well?
    3. Can you share the setup steps for this combo if you have it with you?

    Thanks in advance

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Hi Banajit,
    I am using Router and Dongle (both) but not with Airtel SIM. But I am sure that almost any SIM will work with this combination.

    Main thing that requires to get connected via a dongle is it’s APN settings. And as I can see that this dongle has preinstalled airtel settings too, so it can connect airtel sim easily.

    You just need to configure your router with Airtel settings.
    Follow the above guide with these airtel settings.

    Operator AIRTEL
    APN-Access Point Names
    Access number *99***1#
    Username [blank]
    Password [blank]
    Authentication type normal
    Proxy Disable
    Proxy address
    Port 8080
    Data Bearer GPRS or PACKET DATA

    Have got this list from a website. Haven’t checked them myself, But they looks fine.
    If you have doubt or these settings won’t work, then make a call to airtel call center and ask them for APN (Access Point Name) settings.