Configure Dongle for Any SIM Card – Generic Dongle Configuration Method

If you have got a sim and a dongle but don’t know how to configure your dongle to accept your SIM card of any Service Provider (MTNL, Airtel, Vodfone, BSNL, Aircel or any other company). This is a generic guide to help you in configuring your dongle. It doesn’t matter which dongle you have, if it allows you to configure some settings then you can configure it easily (Unlocked Dongle). But if it’s locked by service provider then I am afraid that there is no way except using your service provider’s SIM.

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How to Configure Dongle for Any SIM Card

There are some dongles in the market that requires no configuration. They have such settings already installed for almost every SIM available. For Example a d-link dongle has all such settings pre installed.


What If Your SIM settings are not present?

It’s quite possible that your sim settings are not available in the SIM or your dongle doesn’t have pre-installed SIM settings then how to configure it.

To configure Any Dongle there are actually 3-4 things required:

1) APN (Access Point Name)

2) UserName

3) Password

4) Authentication Type

5) Dialing Number

It’s not necessary that all SIM and All Dongles requires all these settings. Some might not be present. For Example If you are using MTNL then there is no need to give dialing number. Similarly different sim requires different options.

From Where Can I get These Settings?

Make a call to the call center or the SIM and ask them to provide 4G /3G / 2G settings (whatever you case is). They will give you above discussed settings according to their network.

Simply insert these settings into your dongle and you are done.

Example in d-link dongle:


Fill out all these settings according to your network (given by call center) and click save. Then these settings will gets saved and you will be able it. Now simply click connect and it’s done.

What If My Dongle is Locked?

There are certain dongles that are locked and doesn’t allow you to enter such custom settings. Although there are softwares available to unlock the dongle but I can’t recommend any at this point of time. They make changes in the default software of dongle and if for some reason it doesn’t work then your dongle will be of no use.

If you are still keen to use such unlocking software then have a look here and make sure that your device is listed there before performing unlock.

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