Connect 3G Phone Data (Internet) on Laptop like Wifi

Wires are a big hassle and mobility is today’s demand. Most of us are using internet on phone but when we need to use it on laptop then we find no clue of sharing phone’s internet connection with our laptop.

Do you know that you Can make a personal HotSpot (wifi) with 3G/4G

Although it’s very simple and is called Tethering. Let me tell you how to do it on an Android device. Although there are many versions of androids are available but they all have more or less same settings for tethering.

There are 2 ways by which you can use 3G/4G data on your laptop

1) Via USB Cable (It works like a wired LAN)
2) Via making mobile a hotspot. (Like your home/office Wifi)image

Go go Android Mobile’s Settings >> Wireless and Networks

Click Tethering & Portable Hotspot.

Once you are there

Check Portable Wifi HotSpot and this will enable your packet data (3G/4G) which is available on your mobile to be used over Wifi


Sometimes this is called MobileAP and MobileAP settings.

What about Wifi HotSpot settings? (Security Key etc.)

In the above image the third option is Portable Wifi hotspot Settings.  Click it and now you can configure the security key.


You can define your own SSID (Name which you will see on your laptop to connect your phone ) and Security (By default it’s open which means it can be used by anyone without any key). If you like you can change it to WEP or something like that and define the key. This key will be your security key which will be asked while you connect a laptop to this hotspot.

That was easy!! But there are some precautions too.

Precautions and Guidelines of using portable wifi hotspot

In this hotspot configuration, mobile consumes lot of battery. So make sure that you have necessary battery power to use it and switch it off (hotspot) when your work is done.

This configuration will heat-up your mobile a little bit more than usual, so don’t keep mobile in your pocket while hotspot is enabled.

If you are not getting 3G/4G speed but 2G!!

This happens sometimes. Make sure you have proper data package and 3G/4G is enabled on your mobile.

Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Networks

Now make sure of two things: One is Mobile data is ON (checked) and the other is Network is WCDMA or 3G or 4G depending on your network. But it should not be GSM. GSM provides 2G only.