Now Control Computer with Hand Movements (Gesture) with Free Software

Technology is changing rapidly and in turn it’s changing our life and behaviour patterns. First there were huge computers, then desktops afterwards we have got laptops and now we have smaller devices in our pockets – Smartphones. Computing is everywhere that’s why computer engineers all over the world are working hard to make magical things. Controlling computer without touching anything is the next big thing. Earlier Samsung has introduced gesture feature into their TV, which allowed you to control tv with your hand.

Now you can control your Laptop or PC if you have a camera attached to it.

Can I control my PC with hand movements

Yes. There are lot of companies out there working to solve this mystery of controlling pc from hands. Controlling PC is little tricky than controlling TV. PC can run many applications at one time and selecting one of them is the real tricky task. It’s based on the priority actually and not always full proof.


Give me the Download link, Buddy!!

I know it’s cool and you must like to download it first, blah blah later. The software I am talking about is called Flutter (get Flutter – available for Windows 7,windows 8 and Mac). Google has recently acquired Flutter, so in near future we will see some gesture things on google products too.

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Can I control everything?

This utility is designed specially to control those softwares which requires no presence near to the PC. Like if you listening to the song on VLC player or watching a movie on Windows Media Player, Presenting a Power Point presentation or watching Shakira on Youtube, then such gesture tools are useful.

Just sit back and enjoy the stuff while controlling important things from distance with your gestures.

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How to Control ?

Show your palm to the camera and whatever was playing on VLC, media player or youtube will get paused. Do it again and it will get played.

Show your thumb to the right like you are asking for a lift and your movie will get forward. Do it to the left and it will go back.

It’s quite simple and you will like it.

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    UPDATE: There are some news that Flutter is part of google now. Hope this idea will be nurtured by google engineers and we will get a whole new flutter with more gestures.

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