Convert Email and Attachments into pdf via Email

Pdf is being used widely and people often find it difficult to convert files or email into pdf. Although there are plenty of online solutions but whenever we need to convert something into pdf we have to drill down and have to try various services until we get the pdf. Imagine converting email or attachment within gmail or yahoo or outlook for Free.

convert email to pdf via email address

Is there are Easy Solution to Convert Files into pdf?

As we are working more and more online so the solution must be online. It must be operable from any device (Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc). Specially mobile device where you doesn’t have enough resources and flexibility to work. Now a site has come forward to narrow down the problem and has offered a very nice service.

But first, Add these 3 emails into your mailing address book:

What are these mailing addresses for? Nice Question :)

I call it Send Email – Get Email

Send anything (text, attachment) and get pdf.

These are life savers and an email solution to convert any email or attachment into pdf right from your email account.

I guess these are self explanatory but if you think you are having a doubt about which one is for what then read along. If you need to convert email message ( Yes, I mean to the text written into your email ) then just forward that email to and within few seconds you will get an email containing the pdf. If you need to convert an attachment into pdf then use this email address. Just forward the attachment and get it’s converted pdf.

Valid Attachments: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Now this is something useful. If you need to convert a webpage into pdf then just write down the url of the page into email body and send it to webconvert@pdfconvert.meYou will get a pdf containing the webpage. If you don’t want headers to be shown like TO, From, Subject etc and just the text then send your mail to .

Is it worth Trying?

First of all this service is free and they have no plan of charging for that in near future and second is that it’s quite handy. If you are on a mobile or tablet then doing file conversion is very tiring process. You need to go online and need to find the appropriate service which can convert it for you, upload and download the converted file. The worst part in this process is that conversion service attaches their watermark into converted file. No one wants that.

Why downloading paid tools or softwares just to convert file into pdf.

Just send an email or email attachment to these special addresses and get the pdf within seconds.

What about language other than English?

If your text is in some other language like hindi or any other unicode then also it will be converted. seems quite promising service and once you add these email addresses then generating pdf will no longer be a problem.

Can this service be used with Outlook?

Not just outlook, it can be used with any other email client like thunderbird etc.