ADD Facebook Post Photos Video Albums and Comments on My Website

Now it’s official. Earlier we were using some hacking technique to embed facebook posts or albums on our sites which required some coding understanding. Still that technique is still valid but not for those who are not regular coders. Facebook now has released it’s embedding feature for everyone which is quite interesting and very easy to implement.

Above is the example of such facebook video embedding.

Whatever you share on facebook becomes a post. So basically embedding a photo, video or simple post does mean embedding post either-way. Not going into much of details because this article is not for geeks, it’s for a normal user.

Where is the facebook embed code?

At the top right, you will see a down arrow on every post. If the post is shared as public or not locked in any other sense then you will see an embed post link while clicking this down arrow. Just click on that and you will get the embed code. Now paste this code anywhere on your website. What can be more simple than this.

Embed Facebook Post Photos Video

While writing this post I have found that embedding a photo is requires a little more than this.

How to embed FB Photo on My Website

Right click on the Photo and open it in a new tab. Then look for embed code just after the photo.

embed fb photo link


What about Video and Album Embedding?

Video embedding is just like photo embedding. Just open that video in a new tab and you will find the embed post link right below the video.

Album embedding is not yet been introduced. I guess FB must be working on it and soon they will release the embed code for that too.

I don’t see embed post link on some posts?

There can be various reasons reasons if you are not seeing embed code for some particular ones.

Not shared publicly. [Solution: No solution. That will be against privacy policy]

Shared someone’s post. [Solution: Open the original post. If it’s an image then open that image like I have explained above and you will see the embed code.]

There can be more reasons too.

Can I embed my own facebook posts on my website?  How?

Yes, you can embed your own posts with one condition. Post must be publicly shared. Go to your page and look for the embed code of your own post and paste it on your website.

Is this embed code good for wordpress blog post too?

Yes. While writing a wordpress blog post, paste the code in text mode (not in visual mode) at the place you like it to be rendered. When you will switch back to visual mode you will not see anything but the embedding will remain there. You can hit preview to check.