Embed Facebook Posts on Webpage – Official Facebook Embedding

Now it’s official. You can embed facebook posts into your blog post. Facebook finally has introduced the way of embedding. Geeks had been trying all sort of things to make this possible but facebook is one step ahead and has introduced a very convenient way of embedding facebook posts. At the time of writing this post, embedding feature of facebook was limited to few publishers but facebook has said that they will rollout it for masses soon.

After observing the code by facebook for those publishers, I have realized that every blogger whether he is on facebook or in blogger can implement too. Facebook will integrate this feature into their platform and will be using same code which is being used by few publishers. PickTheTrick.com has written a detailed guide upon how to embed facebook posts within blog. If you are a professional blogger and need to embed facebook posts then you can refer to that post.

Why Facebook is releasing Embedding Posts

There is just one straight reason : Promotion. Facebook is making everything viral. Earlier, they had introduced many ways to show posts.

If someone is writing about the page you are following then you will get that feed. You can sort feeds in many ways. Faceook had added apps into everybody’s profiles without even asking anything. There were hundreds of tweaks. The obvious reason is to make things viral.

If you like to know more about this embedding then you look their developers page.

How to Embed Facebook Photos

If you need to embed FB posts/photos right now then you have to follow some guidelines (link above in the post).

As, this feature is currently limited to some publishers, but when it will be rolled-out by FB for everyone, you will be able to see a link just below Report/Mark as Spam.


There are reports that facebook will be rolling-out this awesome embedding features for everyone soon. This feature is getting lot of hypes and hopes in blogging business.

Benefits for Bloggers from Facebook Embedding?

First of all you will get everything at the right spot. If you have uploaded a photo on your FB page and like to mention that within your post. (It’s actually the opposite way of mentioning) then you can use FB embedding.

Getting more likes to your facebook post will become more easy, because now you post will not be having limited viewers (only those who have liked your page) but all free traffic (direct or search engine) will be able to see it.

More Sharing and liking means encouragement: Yes, that’s what facebook wants. They are encouraging you to use their platform as much as you can. With features like this, people start embedding posts and that way facebook will get more liking of their platform.

SEO Aspect:

The major objective of SEO is to get visibility and traffic. And this embedding feature will do the same. But will it affect any sort of search ranking?

Being into this industry from past 7 years, I don’t think that this will affect rankings at all. A little addition of javascript within the page will not cost anything much. There is just one thing which you need to take care of is, you should write your post like you were writing earlier. If you will embed FB post just to show a photograph and not adding an actual photograph within your blog post, then what image crawler will index? I know a very small amount of traffic comes actually on website from image search but that’s not about just traffic. If you will not add some real photographs within your blog post with alt tag in it then search engine will not give you rich content points.

So, write your post normally and embed FB post/photo only when you feel like adding. Don’t over do anything (they call that spam) and you will be safe under the search engine’s umbrella.