Evade ISP Blockage and Country Censorship Including Torrent

Policy makers are not been able to understand how to track and limit people using online facilities. Of course government wants control on every movement happening in the country. There may be security concerns involved but we all know some true facts behind such censorships. People are fighting for their basic rights about anonymity and designing new ways to preserve that. In this chain the famous piratebay website has launched a browser called piratebrowser on it’s 10th anniversary.


How safe is piratebrowser to preserve anonymity?

Well it’s a bit early to comment on the real objective of this browser. But as per details, it seems that they are using something that is already been used by techy people. PirateBrowser is a bundle of all powerful anonymity tools and services.

What’s in the Package?

Fuel of ProxyBrowser is : Firefox Portable Setup + TOR + PoxyProxy

This new browser is based upon firefox portable browser setup. That means you don’t need to install it on your machine. Download and run the exe file. It’s a nice way not to leave any foot marks within OS.

It’s using TOR network which is famous for privacy protection. All your traffic will move via TOR network. You ISP will have no control over what is being downloaded.

FoxyProxy: This famous proxy tool is included with the package. So, no need to worry about proxy setups manually.

Is it Free?

Yes, All these awesome services are free with the bundle.

Where is the download link for piratebrowser?

Piratebrowser download

What Internet Community is Saying?

Here are some twitter responses on this topic:

-> England has been suffering with censorship, time to download piratebrowser.

-> Evade ISP blockage use piratebrowser.

-> Get Around Govt Censorship.

-> Say NO to Govt control over internet.

-> No one can interfere now. PirateBrowser is here.

-> A webbrowser to avoid censorship.

-> Bypass IP blockades. A win for freedom fighters.

Hope, This Hope won’t DIE

Although, this browser is not doing something new but combining already available tools and services. For geeks, this may not be exciting but for normal to layman users this is not less than a revolution. Now everyone can evade the censorship imposed by either Govt. or local ISP. Internet should be free but it should be safe too.

Being a gun in hand doesn’t mean you have got the right to kill anyone come into your way. It’s up to you, how to use something available to you and for what purpose?