Expand Android Notification Text to Full Length

Notification are an important part of Android and is very useful at times when you just need to look at the current events. But there is a little problem with the notification are is that it shows notification just like a teaser and not the full. Even if you drag down the notification area notification doesn’t expand.

Android developers has identified its usefulness and from 4.2.x onward you can expand the notification easily with pinch-zoom or two-finger glide. This Android Specification has said that

pinch zoom

“The user can pinch-zoom or two-finger glide in order to toggle between base and expanded layouts.”

expanded vs teaser android notificationBase layout is when notification is not expanded and is shown just like a teaser (only one or 2 lines). It’s good when message is small but not always.

expanded vs teaser android notification-2

Expanded Layout is when you can read the whole messageĀ within the notification area. Android developers has made the base layout is the default layout. If you need to view the entire message then you need to use pinch-zoom or 2-finger glide.


Although there are lot of advantages of having expanded notifications but sometime it’s annoying specially when there are lot of pending notification and you have to review them all. That’s why android has not made the expanded version is the default one. So far there is no way by which we can change this default behavior.

If you have got few e-mails and you need to review them all within the notification area. Expand them with pinch-zoom way and you will get a nice overview of all of them.


I liked the way Android is simplifying the way of using mobile devices. I am sure newer versions of android will transform our behavior a lot more and will give us more flexibility with such great smartphones.