How to Find Large Image of a Small Image

Google is not just a search engine, it’s contains indexes of huge number of photographs. If an image is on internet and accessible publically then there is a major change to find the image in google indexes.

Where to go to find the images?

It’s google of course, but this time we will use it’s images service (Google images). You can reach google images by typing and start searching for images.

Where to put the small image on search-box?

When you open, you will see a small camera option within the search-box.


Click on this camera option and it will ask you to put the image.

Here you have 2 options:

Either put a image URL or upload the image if you have one on your PC.


Once you hit the search button google will bring search results and from there you can choose the larger image option.


Finding larger images is just one useful options in google image search. You can find similar looking images if you are making a presentation or working on a similar project. Finding relevant photographs for bloggers is also a big problem and google solves that with their excellent image filtering algorithm.

Beware: If you are going to use these images for some commercial purpose then please ask the original up-loader.  Although these images are in public domain and anyone can access it but that doesn’t mean that you have got all the right to use image to way you like.

A google policy is always protect the anonymity and someone complaint to google then sometime google takes some serious action against. Such action can lead upto disabling your visibility on their search engine.