Free and Easy ScreenCasting Animated GIF Software for Windows

If you are a blogger then adding images is a necessity. Finding new images which is in sync with your blog post content is really boring and consumes a lot of time. If you are writing some how-to then it becomes more difficult. Everytime shoot a video, upload that on youtube and then add it in your blog post is not one can do more often, specially when video length is 5 sec or just 3 second.

The best solution in this case is animated gif. If you don’t know much about gif then look at this wikipedia entry. ScreenCasting Animated gif software is good for creating small video tutorials.

Ex: Below is an animated gif.

GifCam is a simple and free software to create animated gif. It’s just 700Kb and does only one thing – Record screen-casting and converts that into animated gif.

It creates a small sized gif file because of some nice features. Adding delay if focused screen is idle. If there are lesser number of pixels changing then it changes only those pixels instead of adding a new image. Also you can review frames and delete those are not necessary.

There are many other animated gif software available but GifCam is the upto the need. If you need more features then you have to spend money. More advance version of GifCam is GifRecorder. Which will cost you around $30 (one-time).