Free Tools to Send & Share Large Files Online

Sending big file file on internet to someone is a big hassle because almost every email service (gmail, yahoo, outlook) imposes a file size limit. The problem become even worse when such email services don’t allow you to send setup files.

What can we do in this situation. The most general solution of it is to upload your file (specially large size file) on some file handling website and then send the link to the other party in eMail. This technique makes some practical sense and we all often do such thing but can we make it more efficient, safe and easy?

Have You Tried Google Drive

Google needs no introduction. If you haven’t tried google drive for sending or sharing files then you are missing a well engineered product. All google services works with gmail login. If you have one, then you have google drive account too.

Why Google Drive is Best

First of all it’s a google’s well engineered product.

It’s Free, comes with a desktop client. Which means you will get the google drive software for your PC, just drop file into that folder (normal copy paste) and it’ll get uploaded into google drive.

Send email to share / download file.


You can set permission, so that no other person will be able to download the file except those who has permission.

There are lot of exciting features like many people can work on the same file and each one can see the editing in real time. Very exciting feature for those who needs a collaborative environment to edit a file and come to the right conclusion while editing real time.

Specification: (More info)

15 GB Free Space.

Keep file in your account as long as you want. No expiration date.

Give and revoke file permission any time.

It’s a cloud service. Can use on tablet, phone, PC, laptop with one account (gmail).

File size you can upload can go upto 10GB.

Don’t Forget Sky Drive (a microsoft cloud service)


One more premium service for free. Although it comes with lesser features and space but it solves you purpose of sending large file.

Login via any of, or account (microsoft service) and start using

Skydrive also offers free desktop app to sync files with your web account. Very similar to google drive, sync files, send/share files to someone. Permissions on file. You won’t find much of a difference. The only major difference is webspace, which is almost half of google drive (7GB).

CloudUp is a Real Competitor

Although there are many websites offering such drag and drop service and comes with desktop clients too but CloudUP has done it really innovatively. Just drag your file into cloudup folder, it will ask you the email address and you are done.

File will get uploaded on cloudup server and an email along with the file ling will be sent to the recipient. Detailed CloudUp Review.

  • Kate Mailander

    There is one more new method to send large files. Perhaps you may have heard of it. It is called Binfer. Binfer sends files directly from computer to computer/mobile devices, hence removing any middleman approach(meaning it is safer and faster). See their website for details.

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Thanx Kate for a new addition. But unfortunately this post was about the free options of large file sending options and Binfer is a paid service.

  • Tohamy

    Thanks for the guide
    I always use to send large files or even small ones
    It’s easy, fast and no registration required

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Thanx Tohamy for one more addition in the list. seems to be a nice service to send large files. Let more services join the list.