How To Create Secure Password But Easy To Remember

We use all sort of internet services like facebook, twitter, gmail, banking sites… In today’s era this is an endless list. At one side making so many passwords is a pain and on the other side remembering all of them is even more painful. And making same password to all your services is a bad idea. If one goes, all goes.

Traditional ways of making Passwords

Making simple password like 123456 or “part of your name” or “your dog name” or “phone number” is very insecure.

Writing all your passwords on a paper is again a kind of unnecessary security hole.

Storing password in your phone is not a solution. If you lost your phone or a virus make your phone dead, you will loose all your passwords too.

One Simple Way To Create Password

Today, I am going to tell you a simple way to create a secure password. This technique will help you creating your password which will be hard to guess by anyone. Your password will contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers too. So, it will become a secure password.

create secure password but easy to rememberSTEP 1: Create a sentence. This sentence should be near to your heart so that you won’t forgot. I prefer to make sentences like:

My anniversary date is 11 december 2010. (Example Password Phrase)

STEP 2: Now pick first letter of every word in your sentence. Include numbers as it is, if you like or take their initials too.

You password will become Madi11d2010.

You can create any sentence and that will become your password. You can associate your sentence with the service you are using and that way you will have a different password for all of them. For example.

I like gmail. 10 GB space is enough. Ilg10Gsie (for gmail)

I am a Citi Bank customer since 2010. IaaCBcs2010

Twitter is nick name of my daughter Jenna. TinnomdJ

With this method you can make any sentence. Associating that sentence with the service you are using will help you to remember it. You can create a common sentence but change the service name will make that slightly different from one another.

For example:

I love Gmail to manage all my Emails.

I love Twitter to manage all my Tweets.

I love Facebook to manage my Friends.

These were few examples you can try. If you like to create something of your own then you can make it your way. But one thing you should remember it that pick a sentence which you can remember. Otherwise you will click Forgot Password button again and again to reset your password.

That was all about making secure password which can be remembered easily.