What to Do If Website or WebPage is Not Available or Down

Internet is a place where we expect that it’ll answer everything we ask. But quite often this online tutor sleeps down and we have no other choice until he wakes up. As more and more websites are coming online with lot of useful information this downtime is increasing. This is happening because of bad of cheap hosting or website misconfiguration. But if such things happen then what options do we have so get that offline information?

What Options Do We Have if Website is Down?

Not much options are available but the one we have is the solid one. Again google is at your service. If you are using their famous google chrome browser then watching such offline information is very easy.

What to Do If Some Website or WebPage is Not Available

Google stores a copy or saves screenshots of websites for their own use. This is not like viewing old copy of website. Google refreshes this info as their crawler sees some changes into page’s content and stores that into google cache data.

Fortunately we can access these cached pages by typing cache: just before the not-available page.

for example if a url: www.yahoo.com is not opening then you can type it like this:


on google chrome browser only.

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Accessing Cached Pages on Bing and Yahoo:


As you can see in the above image. You can access cached page on bing by clicking this small down arrow and then by clicking “Cached Page”.


Above given example is about how to access cached page but the best option is provided by google. Because it can be accessed directly on browser which is somewhat more practical than provided by bing and yahoo.