Ways to Open Blocked Website via Google and Download Files too

There are many ways to open blocked website. Many of you who are reading these tricks must be from a college, school or office. These official networks are often blocked to access sites like facebook, twitter etc. They allow you to use google because life will stop without google :) and block those sites which they think are bad for their productivity. But still you guys try to use proxies, softwares which can bypass server restriction. If you are struggling to open such blocked websites and all your arrows are blunt then there is nothing to worry. We have got some fresh sharp google arrows which can make a tiny hole in your office/college firewall.

Ways to Open Blocked Website via Google and Download Files too

1. Try Google Translate

I know you are not supposed to translate the page in any other language. We are just trying to use google’s translate service to open a blocked page within your own language. What we will do is, we set source language ( sl ) to anything like “fr” and translated language ( tl ) as english ( en ).


This google service will allow you to view those blocked pages. But you can’t download files with this method.

2.Google Mobile Viewing as Proxy

This is our second arrow and very effective. This is intended for reading purpose. Although the primary service of this mobile viewing was via google.com but they have discontinued it but it’s available from google’s country specific domain like google.co.uk or google.co.in



or alternatively you can use:


Google Hosting Module and Proxy

This google service is called gmodules and not intended to use as proxy server. But as we are trying to exploit google’s service to use them as proxy servers this is the best one out of all. Because you can download files (audio, video, documents etc.) with gmodules.


Although these services can be used as proxy but gmodules (3rd) is the only one which can be used to download files.

Despite all these services none can be used to login facebook or twitter but you can read any blocked page with these google services.

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