No Proxy Required to Open Blocked Website and Download Songs Movies

Time has come when technology is changing our lives and everyone has started playing with bit and bytes. Government from all over the world is in a big hassle, because they are not enough smart to stop websites from being opened. Still cyber experts are doing their job by blocking websites on country level or at ISP level or any other way. But there is no universal rule that which can block a website universally.

So, there are ways to open such websites. One ordinary way is by using proxy or proxy websites. Everyone uses such proxy websites to open blocked sites into schools or office but what if proxy websites are blocked too? Is, there any other convenient way by which you can open blocked websites and download stuff.


A Browser (TorBrowser) Has Come-up to Help

Remember the-pirate-bay? A famous torrent website which is blocked in many countries but still people are using it all over the world to download stuff. This website has come-up with a beautiful solution to resolve the blockade they are getting from many countries. They has designed a browser called TorBrowser which is equipped with many paid tools for free to access blocked websites. You can use facebook or any other blocked website, blocked at any level by government or ISP.

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Download Files Without Using Proxy

Is it Possible? Yes.

Proxies doesn’t allow you to download files because that will consume their limited bandwidth or they charge money you for that. But as TorBrowser is standing on premium services which makes it unique in many respect. The best part is you can use it like a normal browser and download files easily. It’s as simple as right click on the file and click “save as”.

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Is It Free?

Yes, TorBrowser is Free for Download.

Do I Need to be Technically Advanced to Use it?


Although there are no special skill required to use it, but it comes with one new thing. After download and extract. Click on Start TorBrowser.exe and It will start a small window which will connect it to the Tor Network (Real power of Tor). Whole traffic will travel thru their own network in encrypted form. So no one can sense what you are doing on it.

TorBrowser Do looks Like Mozilla Firefox?


Yes, because they have modified this open source browser upto their need. Which is awesome.

Because it’s based on Mozilla Firefox, can we download addons on Tor?

Yes, installing addons on it is more like installing addons on Mozilla. Isn’t it awesome !!