Remove Babylon Toolbar New Tab Completely From Chrome, Firefox, IE

If you are not not able to remove (cannot remove) Babylon toolbar completely then hopefully these guidelines will be able to help you. This hijacker toolbar hijacks the basic functionality of the browser and put it’s own new tab settings. There are various ways by which you can remove New Tab settings of Babylon toolbar. I have discussed the basics about removal of Qvo6 Hijacker malware in one of my post which is similar to this toolbar. Lets get rid of it toolbar too.

Removal of babylon toolbar

Before going into tedious process let’s try the simple one first and If that will not work (special case) then we will proceed to other complicated process.



How to Remove Babylon Toolbar from all Browsers (Simple one):

Although babylon says that you can easily remove the toolbar by following their basic instruction which are here:
Babylon’s removal guide
I recommend you to read it and follow what they have to say. After completing all the steps suggested by Babylon team if New Tab problem still persists then come back here and proceed with few more steps. This will help you in removal of New Tab search settings from your browser.

NOTE: Please follow steps discussed in Babylon Removal Guide first before following further.

Further Steps: (For Firefox Only)

1) Type about:config in the address bar. This will open the configurations page of firefox. This will warn you by saying “This Might Void Your Warranty !” . Click I’ll be careful, I promise.

2) In the search box type : browser.newtab.url . There will be something written in the Value column. You need to reset it.

3) Right Click on at click reset. (If reset doesn’t work, then click modify and type : about:newtab).

4) Save it and Restart your browser.

If you think that malware is still have certain files in the operating system then you need some removal tools to get rid of these files. I have discussed some malware tools you can use. Still having problem please do write to me, I’ll reply.

Box Notes another Real Time Collaborative Editing Tool

Have you used google docs for Collaborative editing, on the similar grounds has introduced Box Notes. Although the service is yet fully discovered by box but it looks promising. Yet, another Real Time Collaborative editing tool which is simple, light-weight and compatible for all leading platforms.

If you are working on a project with someone and are sharing files on box (which actually is box’s job) you can edit your files on the fly with the help of box-notes, without downloading it. Cloud computing is taking the real lift now. Companies like box, google (google drive), dropbox, skydrive are working and investing heavily on cloud based services.


Is Box-Notes worth?

Well, the service is just launched and is currently under closed group of users. It’s not the right time but there is something worth noting. Box is not for those who wish to have better service at low cost or free. Worth or not-worth depends on the usage and need. If you don’t have much data to share between clients or team then sadly you don’t need such high quality syncing service. Google Drive is sufficient for you need, where you get good space to store files.

But if you have a team managing a project then such cloud based service, where you can write notes and team up with others to edit a document is worth.

Is box the only service offering Real Time Editing ?

Well, don’t rush to get box-notes. There are other services too which offers almost same features and functionality.

Google Drive is one of my personal favorite. We can collaboratively work while editing document (Yes, Real Time – Where other users can see each other’s cursor ) and sharing files. Not to mention the power of google scripts (if you are a web-developer).

Skydrive: A similar service by microsoft.

Dropbox: Cloud based service with syncing but no real time editing tool.

Remove QVO6 Malware Permanently From ie Firefox Chrome Opera

Qvo6 is a malware which affects your computer specially all your browsers. Although there are some guidelines available on internet which asks you to perform certain steps like removing shortcuts and uninstall addons. Yes, that is right but not the right way to remove Qvo6 type of malwares permanently and completely from your computer.

If you follow these guidelines Qvo6 will be removed from all browsers and from your windows too. Requires little of your time but bring you peace of mind.

qvo6 virus removal guide step by step

Before removing Qvo6 you should understand that removing traces of a virus or trojan or malware is quite difficult and requires good understanding.

1. Remove Files (All basic files that concerns to the virus)
2. Remove Embedded shortcuts from browser.
3. Remove Files within browser cache and registry values.
4. Remove other malware files that are linked with basic malware.
5. Double check with Malware Removal Software.

I am not going to explain everything but will tell you which too is better for which step. With every tool you just need to do Search /Scan and Delete.

For Step 1: Use ADWCleaner

Download it and scan your computer with ADWCleaner. If your computer is infected with some malwares like Qvo6 then it will remove the associated files. Delete whatever it will find.

#NOTE: While installing just install the basic software and not the other tools it will offer during installation. Decline others.

For Step 2: It requires Manual work.

Right Click on your browser (repeat it with all your browsers) and select PROPERTIES (at the bottom).

Go to shortcuts Tab and within Target text area, remove any URL associated. Make sure you don’t remove the location of software.

remove qvo6 from web browser shortcut

Repeat this step for all the browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome. Actually, this is an embedded shortcut which calls while starting the browser. Removing this is necessary but not sufficient. Proceed to step 3.

For Step 3: Use JunkWare Removal Tool.

It’s a command prompt utility. Just proceed with it and it will remove all the malicious files associated with your browser cache and registry.

remove malicious files from all browsers

For Step 4: Use Malwarebytes. Althoughh it’s a paid tool but offers limited period free version too. Use it’s free version and perform a quick scan. Being a paid tool, it will show you a detailed report about viruses and malwares or adwares. Remove them.

For Step 5: There is no need to perform step 5 but if you still feels that something is left, then do it too. It’s more like a final check. For step 5 use HitMan Pro. Its again a paid tool but comes with 30 days trial. Use it and remove it when your check is done. If it will found something then remove that too. Although above 4 steps are sufficient for removal of Qvo6 from your windows 7, Windows 8 – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera.

Removing viruses and malwares is not that easy, you need to remove all traces they leave within your operating system. These traces are the backdoor for the virus to come again and again.

Tool to Copy Files From DropBox SharePoint Box Google-Drive SkyDrive

Online services are doing wonders but on the other side creating problems too and on the other side problems are being solved too. If you are using a cloud service like dropbox, google drive, SharePoint, Egnyte Amazon S3 or any other then this is for you. Copying files from one cloud to other is very tiring. First download all the files and then upload then to the other cloud. This will not just eat up your bandwidth but also eat up your valuable movie time. Is there any service which can be used to transfer files from one cloud to the other?

Tool-to-Copy-Files-From-DropBox-SharePoint-Box-Google-Drive-SkyDrive is moving around to solve the puzzle.

First question first – Is it Free?

I am quite fed up with this free free thing. If you need better service then you have to pay. But what about trying something first and then pay. I think team do understand that. They are not offering a complete free account but a limited account where you can transfer 10GB of data for free and then pay $1 per extra GB. So, the free part is there but limited to 10GB.

Is there any limitation on the number of files?

Well, It doesn’t seems that there is any limitation. You can transfer as many files you want.

Movers has all the connectors of all popular cloud services. You can automate the data transfer according to your desired schedule. Mover transfer the files without any permission once a schedule is defined. Once it’s done, it will send you the mail.

There is no reason to download anything. Just login to mover account, give permissions of your cloud (All popular services are there –  Dropbox, SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive  etc). Tell then which files to move and set a schedule or initiate transfer.

It’s like keeping your cloud backup into another cloud. When one cloud is down then you can use other and sync then via mover when both are available.

If you own a server then you can more your files to that server too. If you have got a new google account and looking to transfer all your google drive files into your new account then again you can use mover.

Drag and Drop File Sharing Software for Windows Mac Android iPhone

Have you ever attached file to gmail with it’s drag and drop feature or have you ever used dropbox to share files. File sharing is one thing we do often while online. Whether it’s about working on a project or sending a song to your girlfriend file sharing takes time. Software developers are introducing new and better app to tackle time consumption while working online. And it’s where CluodUP comes in for windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

It’s a small utility waiting silently within your taskbar to share files. It’s drag and drop feature is awesome and allows you to upload files from your desktop. No more file zipping and searching for free webspace. CloudUP accepts folder too and maintains it’s structure.

Drag and Drop File Sharing Software for Windows Mac Android iPhone

How to Get (Download) CloudUP?

Currently it’s not available for public. But we can arrange one for you, in fact for everyone out there. Instant Signup to CloudUP

There is around 200GB of webspace for everyone. I guess that’s a big number and enough to keep all your important files. Just drag a bunch of files and drop them on the cloudUP icon. They will get uploaded and linked url will be copied to your clipboard which you can paste anywhere like e-mail, messenger etc.

Can I share CluodUP Files on Facebook or Twitter

Yes, you can share the link on FB or twitter. Because these files are uploaded on server and are not behind login. Means, if someone knows the url of your uploaded file, it can be downloaded. Yes, it’s not safe but this utility is not to keep safe files.

If you need a quick drag and drop utility which can do fast uploading, just for sharing purpose then CloudUP is for you. But if you are more concerned for complete privacy then use app like dropbox.

Upload ScreenShots (PrtSc – Print Screen) instantly

Now this is handy, While cloupUp is running silently and you click print-screen button of your keyboard (it’s near F12 button on your keyboard saying PrtSc) then it’ll gets uploaded instantly and copy the share link on your clipboard. You can disable print screen option too.

Very handy utility for software / web developers working on different platforms like windows, mac, iPhone or Android. Just hit prtscr and paste the link. Saving extra work of saving the screenshot > upload it somewhere > copy link.

ADD Facebook Post Photos Video Albums and Comments on My Website

Now it’s official. Earlier we were using some hacking technique to embed facebook posts or albums on our sites which required some coding understanding. Still that technique is still valid but not for those who are not regular coders. Facebook now has released it’s embedding feature for everyone which is quite interesting and very easy to implement.

Above is the example of such facebook video embedding.

Whatever you share on facebook becomes a post. So basically embedding a photo, video or simple post does mean embedding post either-way. Not going into much of details because this article is not for geeks, it’s for a normal user.

Where is the facebook embed code?

At the top right, you will see a down arrow on every post. If the post is shared as public or not locked in any other sense then you will see an embed post link while clicking this down arrow. Just click on that and you will get the embed code. Now paste this code anywhere on your website. What can be more simple than this.

Embed Facebook Post Photos Video

While writing this post I have found that embedding a photo is requires a little more than this.

How to embed FB Photo on My Website

Right click on the Photo and open it in a new tab. Then look for embed code just after the photo.

embed fb photo link


What about Video and Album Embedding?

Video embedding is just like photo embedding. Just open that video in a new tab and you will find the embed post link right below the video.

Album embedding is not yet been introduced. I guess FB must be working on it and soon they will release the embed code for that too.

I don’t see embed post link on some posts?

There can be various reasons reasons if you are not seeing embed code for some particular ones.

Not shared publicly. [Solution: No solution. That will be against privacy policy]

Shared someone’s post. [Solution: Open the original post. If it’s an image then open that image like I have explained above and you will see the embed code.]

There can be more reasons too.

Can I embed my own facebook posts on my website?  How?

Yes, you can embed your own posts with one condition. Post must be publicly shared. Go to your page and look for the embed code of your own post and paste it on your website.

Is this embed code good for wordpress blog post too?

Yes. While writing a wordpress blog post, paste the code in text mode (not in visual mode) at the place you like it to be rendered. When you will switch back to visual mode you will not see anything but the embedding will remain there. You can hit preview to check.

What to Do If Website or WebPage is Not Available or Down

Internet is a place where we expect that it’ll answer everything we ask. But quite often this online tutor sleeps down and we have no other choice until he wakes up. As more and more websites are coming online with lot of useful information this downtime is increasing. This is happening because of bad of cheap hosting or website misconfiguration. But if such things happen then what options do we have so get that offline information?

What Options Do We Have if Website is Down?

Not much options are available but the one we have is the solid one. Again google is at your service. If you are using their famous google chrome browser then watching such offline information is very easy.

What to Do If Some Website or WebPage is Not Available

Google stores a copy or saves screenshots of websites for their own use. This is not like viewing old copy of website. Google refreshes this info as their crawler sees some changes into page’s content and stores that into google cache data.

Fortunately we can access these cached pages by typing cache: just before the not-available page.

for example if a url: is not opening then you can type it like this:

on google chrome browser only.

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Accessing Cached Pages on Bing and Yahoo:


As you can see in the above image. You can access cached page on bing by clicking this small down arrow and then by clicking “Cached Page”.


Above given example is about how to access cached page but the best option is provided by google. Because it can be accessed directly on browser which is somewhat more practical than provided by bing and yahoo.

Configure Dongle for Any SIM Card – Generic Dongle Configuration Method

If you have got a sim and a dongle but don’t know how to configure your dongle to accept your SIM card of any Service Provider (MTNL, Airtel, Vodfone, BSNL, Aircel or any other company). This is a generic guide to help you in configuring your dongle. It doesn’t matter which dongle you have, if it allows you to configure some settings then you can configure it easily (Unlocked Dongle). But if it’s locked by service provider then I am afraid that there is no way except using your service provider’s SIM.

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How to Configure Dongle for Any SIM Card

There are some dongles in the market that requires no configuration. They have such settings already installed for almost every SIM available. For Example a d-link dongle has all such settings pre installed.


What If Your SIM settings are not present?

It’s quite possible that your sim settings are not available in the SIM or your dongle doesn’t have pre-installed SIM settings then how to configure it.

To configure Any Dongle there are actually 3-4 things required:

1) APN (Access Point Name)

2) UserName

3) Password

4) Authentication Type

5) Dialing Number

It’s not necessary that all SIM and All Dongles requires all these settings. Some might not be present. For Example If you are using MTNL then there is no need to give dialing number. Similarly different sim requires different options.

From Where Can I get These Settings?

Make a call to the call center or the SIM and ask them to provide 4G /3G / 2G settings (whatever you case is). They will give you above discussed settings according to their network.

Simply insert these settings into your dongle and you are done.

Example in d-link dongle:


Fill out all these settings according to your network (given by call center) and click save. Then these settings will gets saved and you will be able it. Now simply click connect and it’s done.

What If My Dongle is Locked?

There are certain dongles that are locked and doesn’t allow you to enter such custom settings. Although there are softwares available to unlock the dongle but I can’t recommend any at this point of time. They make changes in the default software of dongle and if for some reason it doesn’t work then your dongle will be of no use.

If you are still keen to use such unlocking software then have a look here and make sure that your device is listed there before performing unlock.

3 Tools to Unfollow Twitter Non-Followers Who are Not Following Back

Twitter is not just a great social sharing but a big marketing tool too. Marketers from every field are promoting their product on twitter. Some of them are getting fame but some are not following basic guidelines about how to use twitter as a marketing tool.

Getting more and more followers is the ultimate aim of any twitter marketer. To get so many followers one simplest technique is follow people and they will follow you back.


Why Un-Follow?

It’s not a technical question but rather a psychological question. When some who is not a celebrity sees that someone has started following him/her, they tend to know the follower. In reply follow them back. But there are lot of people who never follows back. To weed out such dirty seeds is a necessity for internet marketer. Because having greater number of followers and lesser number of followings is a good thing on twitter but vice-versa is very bad. Specially when you have a twitter account for brand.

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Best 3 Tools to Unfollow Twitter Profiles that are not following you Back:

1) Just Unfollow : Just Unfollow is an awesome tool to unfollow those who are not following you. The best feature which is available only with Just-Unfollow is that you can copy followers of your competitor. So, If you are in seo business and have identified some great seo profile who has huge followers list then with Just Unfollow you can add them. Of Course not all will be added to your account but you will surely get lot of them.

You can use Multiple Twitter account and also can check about who followed you just to check your followers. This service can be used on mobile too.


2) Manage Flitter : This is more of a clean design and comes with a free basic account. In future if you like it then upgrade to pro.

Some of the best features of Manage Flitter is that is senses your profile and tell you when is the best time to tweet. Moreover it has feature called power-post which schedules your tweet accordingly.

It has a detailed analytics tool. Of course we can’t compare it with google analytics but it’s worth watch what your viral activity trends. How your activity have performed in past, which can help you fine tune your twitter gain.

Unfollow all those who are not following you back or having fake account or are not active. Sweep all those useless accounts who are a burden for your twitter profile.

Copy Followers from other account just like just-unfollow service.

3) iUnfollow: No, it’s not an apple product its more like a professional twitter service which can manage your twitter followers. You can track pending follow requests, manage whitelist i.e. all those premium followers which you accidently don’t want to unfollow. Manage all of them with this whitelist feature. Vital statistics and unfollow to all those who have no plan to follow you back.

How to Find Distance Between Two Places on Google Search

Google search is adding lot of new features and integrating all its services to it’s sole business backbone google search. Now you can find distance between two places easily on google by typing “Distance Between PLACE-1 to PLACE-2”.

For example: If you like to know distance between new delhi railyway station to gurgaon then simply type:

Distance Between New Delhi Railway Station to Gurgaon

That way you will get the info instantly. This info is just limited to distance but it’ll tell you travel time too. Although this feature is originally part of google maps but google is enriching it’s search engine with all the vital stats they are collecting from other google products.

How to Find Distance Between Two Places on Google Search

Difference between Google Maps and Google Search Stats

Because google maps is enrich with all the maps related features so definitely google maps will give all the vital info related to maps.

Turn By Turn: Available on both. (You need to press a long down arrow on google search for Turn by Turn Guidance)

Distance: Available on both.

Time in Current Traffic: Available on both.

Average Time via Car/Public Transport/ Walk: Only on Google Maps.

Satellite View ( or Other View): Only on Google Maps.

Although google is integrating all these maps stats on their search platform but because of lack of vital information it’s somewhat useless for travelers who are travelling in real time. This feature is good for getting a quick info about the distance and that’s the purpose of search (quick search).

If you are travelling in real time then always use google maps for all your travelling guidance. Google is integrating nice features to their maps platform like street view and real time traffic details which is very useful while you are sitting on a hot seat. If you are planning to travel then for a quick look how far the place is google search is best.

Now a days google is becoming more and more human because it can understand what you are looking for and produce that result in all sort of custom ways.