Remove Babylon Toolbar New Tab Completely From Chrome, Firefox, IE

If you are not not able to remove (cannot remove) Babylon toolbar completely then hopefully these guidelines will be able to help you. This hijacker toolbar hijacks the basic functionality of the browser and put it’s own new tab settings. There are various ways by which you can remove New Tab settings of Babylon toolbar. I have discussed the basics about removal of Qvo6 Hijacker malware in one of my post which is similar to this toolbar. Lets get rid of it toolbar too.

Removal of babylon toolbar

Before going into tedious process let’s try the simple one first and If that will not work (special case) then we will proceed to other complicated process.



How to Remove Babylon Toolbar from all Browsers (Simple one):

Although babylon says that you can easily remove the toolbar by following their basic instruction which are here:
Babylon’s removal guide
I recommend you to read it and follow what they have to say. After completing all the steps suggested by Babylon team if New Tab problem still persists then come back here and proceed with few more steps. This will help you in removal of New Tab search settings from your browser.

NOTE: Please follow steps discussed in Babylon Removal Guide first before following further.

Further Steps: (For Firefox Only)

1) Type about:config in the address bar. This will open the configurations page of firefox. This will warn you by saying “This Might Void Your Warranty !” . Click I’ll be careful, I promise.

2) In the search box type : browser.newtab.url . There will be something written in the Value column. You need to reset it.

3) Right Click on at click reset. (If reset doesn’t work, then click modify and type : about:newtab).

4) Save it and Restart your browser.

If you think that malware is still have certain files in the operating system then you need some removal tools to get rid of these files. I have discussed some malware tools you can use. Still having problem please do write to me, I’ll reply.