Easiest Timer Online – Google Timer is Here

Google always does useful stuff. Earlier they have added flight status in their search. Now they have added timer. Now you can set a timer directly on google search.

How to set a google timer?

It’s very easy. open google.com and type: timer 1 minute. This will set a timer of one minute and countdown will start instantly. This awesome feature is available on all latest and widely used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).

Alternatively you can type: set timer YOUR_TIME (ex: set timer 1 hour 15 minutes)

This is the most interesting way to set a timer but you need to make sure that your browser should remain open until timer expires.

Will Google Timer Give me Beep?

Yes, what’s the use of a timer without a beep. Even if the tab is in background then it will remind you. It’s a traditional timer sound. If you don’t want the beep then you can switch that off by clicking the audio icon.

How can I use it?

Google has made a boring timer very viral. For example: I always set a timer while working online to set the time frame. That increases my productivity and helps me to be within the time frame.

On google chrome timer can be set just by typing into the address bar without opening google. I love the way how google is simplifying our lives by integrating such small utilities into their search. Now there is no need to install any timer app and hassle to set the time. Just type : timer YOUR_WAIT_TIME and hist enter. It will remind you.

Easiest Timer from google

Few Examples:

20 Seconds: timer 20 sec

1 Minute: timer 1 min

1 Hour and 20 Minutes: timer 1 hour 20 mins