Speed Reading Browser Plugin For All Browsers and OS

We do almost everything online. Reading long articles like newspapers and tutorials online is a big problem because screen doesn’t look like paper. One of the big problem with reading something on screen is lack of concentration. Can engineers solve this problem of reading online? Well, there is a small browser plugin utility claims that it can bring more focus while reading something online. The technique it implies is more of human psychological behavior than a technical expertise.


Reading Black and White is less concentrating. Why? and What’s the solution?

While we read something online,we often miss the line and often end up reading the same line. If we remove this human eye limitation then we eventually end up reading faster.

A small utility called BeelineReader can help. It’s built on color gradient technique which color lines in such a way that our eye can easily differentiate between lines.

Where to get the Fast Reading Software?

BeeLine Reader is a Plugin for almost all the available leading browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (Windows 7, Mac, Linux), iPad, iPhone etc.

You can get it as an addon, extension or bookmarklet, depending on your browser and OS.

How much Speed can it increase?

BeelineReader claims that if you are using it for the first time then you will fell that your reading speed has increased. A study has carried on similar technique has claimed that such gradient technique can increase the reading speed up to 30%.

What’s Supported?

You can read almost anything with it. Long email messages, newspapers, articles, tutorials. If it’s digital data and text, it can be read faster with BeelineReader.