Box Notes another Real Time Collaborative Editing Tool

Have you used google docs for Collaborative editing, on the similar grounds has introduced Box Notes. Although the service is yet fully discovered by box but it looks promising. Yet, another Real Time Collaborative editing tool which is simple, light-weight and compatible for all leading platforms.

If you are working on a project with someone and are sharing files on box (which actually is box’s job) you can edit your files on the fly with the help of box-notes, without downloading it. Cloud computing is taking the real lift now. Companies like box, google (google drive), dropbox, skydrive are working and investing heavily on cloud based services.


Is Box-Notes worth?

Well, the service is just launched and is currently under closed group of users. It’s not the right time but there is something worth noting. Box is not for those who wish to have better service at low cost or free. Worth or not-worth depends on the usage and need. If you don’t have much data to share between clients or team then sadly you don’t need such high quality syncing service. Google Drive is sufficient for you need, where you get good space to store files.

But if you have a team managing a project then such cloud based service, where you can write notes and team up with others to edit a document is worth.

Is box the only service offering Real Time Editing ?

Well, don’t rush to get box-notes. There are other services too which offers almost same features and functionality.

Google Drive is one of my personal favorite. We can collaboratively work while editing document (Yes, Real Time – Where other users can see each other’s cursor ) and sharing files. Not to mention the power of google scripts (if you are a web-developer).

Skydrive: A similar service by microsoft.

Dropbox: Cloud based service with syncing but no real time editing tool.