How to Capture Upload and Share Screenshots With DropBox

Dropbox is becoming more awesome with this little improvement. Now capturing screenshot (printscreen) and sharing it with anyone has become entirely easy.

Questions Seeking Answers:

How to capture computer screen and upload on internet?

How to share screenshots to friends and family?

How to take pic of desktop and send to my friend?

Prerequisites : You must have dropbox installed and running in your system tray as background service.

DropBox Screen Capture Sharing

What!! You Don’t Have DropBox?

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2GB is not the limit. As a free user if you send someone to open a dropbox account they will reward you with 500MB till you reach 18GB (that’s the limit). Is isn’t cool?

For the record: I own 50GB space with DropBox just because they are awesomely maintaining my files while I travel. Whenever I need to share something to someone, I simply sends the link of that dropbox file.

Coming back to the topic..

How to Capture ScreenShot and Upload it to Dropbox

Hope you are fulfilling the prerequisites otherwise it won’t work.

CTRL + PRTSCN : When you press printscreen button while holding ctrl, dropbox will take the screenshot and save it to screenshot directory in dropbox folder.

The best part of it is while taking the screenshot it generated a share url and copy that to your clipboard which you can send to anyone to open the file.

How To Disable Screenshot feature of DropBox

Although it’s an awesome feature but if for some reason you like to disable the screenshot feature then what can I say Smile with tongue out except going to DropBox > Preferences > Share ScreenShot (Disable it).

Alternatives of ScreenShot Softwares

1. If you own windows 7 then there is a spinning tool which serves the same purpose but with some extra features like taking screen shot of selected area.

2. If you work a lot on browser then lightshot is an awesome extension for firefox and chrome. It allows you to capture selected area of the screen and upload it to on internet by providing a share link. I use it personally whenever we work on some project.

Download LightShot for Firefox and Chrome