Tool to Copy Files From DropBox SharePoint Box Google-Drive SkyDrive

Online services are doing wonders but on the other side creating problems too and on the other side problems are being solved too. If you are using a cloud service like dropbox, google drive, SharePoint, Egnyte Amazon S3 or any other then this is for you. Copying files from one cloud to other is very tiring. First download all the files and then upload then to the other cloud. This will not just eat up your bandwidth but also eat up your valuable movie time. Is there any service which can be used to transfer files from one cloud to the other?

Tool-to-Copy-Files-From-DropBox-SharePoint-Box-Google-Drive-SkyDrive is moving around to solve the puzzle.

First question first – Is it Free?

I am quite fed up with this free free thing. If you need better service then you have to pay. But what about trying something first and then pay. I think team do understand that. They are not offering a complete free account but a limited account where you can transfer 10GB of data for free and then pay $1 per extra GB. So, the free part is there but limited to 10GB.

Is there any limitation on the number of files?

Well, It doesn’t seems that there is any limitation. You can transfer as many files you want.

Movers has all the connectors of all popular cloud services. You can automate the data transfer according to your desired schedule. Mover transfer the files without any permission once a schedule is defined. Once it’s done, it will send you the mail.

There is no reason to download anything. Just login to mover account, give permissions of your cloud (All popular services are there Р Dropbox, SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive  etc). Tell then which files to move and set a schedule or initiate transfer.

It’s like keeping your cloud backup into another cloud. When one cloud is down then you can use other and sync then via mover when both are available.

If you own a server then you can more your files to that server too. If you have got a new google account and looking to transfer all your google drive files into your new account then again you can use mover.