2 Ways to Transfer Files Between Computers Mobiles over Wifi

Transferring files between computers is a big hassle and with so many options we don’t find any best or better way of it. Companies like google, microsoft, drop-box are offering cloud applications to transfer files between different various devices. This is a better way to transfer files but in all situations. No single technology is better for everything, that’s why we have options.

What if you need to transfer files between computers or mobiles over wifi. What’s the best, simple and quickest solution do we have?

Transfer Files Between Computers Mobiles over Wifi

Transferring Files via Desktop Software

We have got many options for this but the best we have found so far is AnySend. AnySend is offering very simple UI and simplest way to send files over wifi and over internet too. You need to install it on every device, and to use it over wifi all your devices like android phones, mac or windows must be connected to the same wifi. That’s the only configuration required.

Have a look at this video to know how simple it is:

AnySend requires to be installed on every PC, mobile device to be used. But what if one of your friend came in and needs a file from your phone. Will, you say that install AnySend first and then only I’ll send you file. That’s not good techie answer. So, our second option arrives.

Transferring Files over Wifi on Browser

For this we have to install a small software (AirDroid) on the phone. Run the software within phone and it’ll generate a url for accessing your file. Anyone under the same wifi can access that URL. Just punch that url along on any browser that will open your phone’s files on other device. That other device can be anything – Windows, Mac, Android.

AirDroid works as a file serves and offers a nice and clean interface to interact. This is one more nice way to share files over Wifi.

AirDroid is not just a file server, it offers lot more features like sending text messages ( SMS ) from desktop browser to anyone via your phone. Control your phone on desktop via Airdroid is quite easy and fun. The only problem I have found that your phone should be active on wifi and that consumes lot of battery. If you are good with this battery issue then AirDroid is the bestest solution.

If you don’t like airdroid for some reason or it’s creating some kind of problem the there is one good alternative of it: WiFi File Transfer. It is quite similar to airdroid but lesser features.