Tweet Text From Webpage : Best Twitter Service So Far

The official twitter bookmark is available at but there are geeks out there working to make tweeting better and easy. Recently a group of people have designed a tweet service called

What’s good about

It’s a simple bookmarklet which you can drag and drop it to your browser’s bookmark toolbar but with a nice difference.

image allows you to tweet by selecting text from any webpage. As you start highlighting the text from any webpage it will show you a little icon which upon click will tweet the text.

One more thing I like about is that it keep on displaying the character count while selecting the text. It’s quite handy while tweeting stuff.

What other choices do we have?

More and more services are coming daily and we are reviewing them for you. One more service is catching our attention. It’s TallTweets.

Tall Tweets is different from other service in many aspects. It allows to say more on twitter. As it’s name suggests, you can send more text (not just 140 characters) with tall tweets.

Tall Tweets Features:

imageAllows you to write more text than usual 140 characters.

It will chunk the entire message (your long tweet) into smaller chunks of 140 characters each OR it will publish the entire message as an image. Is it not amazing. If your message requires more than 140 characters then it will convert it into a simple text image.

I can see more possibilities with tall tweets. With their existing service they can add fonts support into their image version of tweeting. Sending tweets with attractive fonts will be something different.