Which WordPress Theme Should I Use And Why – Wondering

Get any theme and use it ! No matter whether it’s good or bad. Good or Bad !! What do you mean by that?
This question can be asked in many ways. I want a good design. I want a good functionality. I want fully responsive theme (wait a minute if you don’t know what responsive means). Aaaaa… I want …. say simple theme but it should look good. Every person thinks differently and that defines their need.


Think of an movie actor. A wordpress theme should be like that.

It should look beautiful, perform seamless and blend nicely on every platform (Mobile, Tab or PC – Yes, Responsive)

Need Vs Everything

Sometimes our need is something and we shop something else. Same thing applies when selecting a wordpress theme. Make an habit (I know I am asking too much, but this will benefit you for the rest of your life) to crosscheck your need just before checkout.

Make Quick Guidelines

Guidelines are awesome to choose the right product. Make quick guidelines just before diving into the confused web. Guidelines will be life savers.

Design: Simple, stylish, newspaper type, masonry, business style or just fun.

I know this is difficult but give it a minute and think about the genre of your site. As soon as you identify the genre, things will become easy to sort things out. For example if you are going to start a political blog then you can look for newspaper styles or masonry style or simple blogging theme.
Functionality: Not that difficult but i often found this step tricky. Sometimes we get confused between similar type of functionality. Like which slider should I use or I think sliders are just not my type. It’s entirely up to you to choose the functionality you need and then start looking for it.

If you have a plan to sell something then make sure theme supports woocommerce or other eCommerce platform.


Plugins : I know this is beyond the scope of this post. But lot of premium WP themes comes with bundled plugins. You should check them out. Most of the times they are part of the genre but if you are liking the design and not planning the advance usage then it’s a bad idea to pay extra. If you really dying for the design then paying some extra is like appreciating the designer.

Free Vs Premium


I Love Freebies and I bet we all do. But not when I need professional service. Wither do it yourself because you know what wrong have you done or buy pro stuff.

Free Themes are good for testing and learning but not when you are going live. There are lot of places you can buy premium theme. I am not going to name one because no one is paying me for that. Haha!! Jokes apart internet is full of premium stuff. Give it a try on google.